#125 My legume Love Affair- Event Announcement.

My legume love affair event

This is the very first time I am hosting an Event in the blogging world. So guess what?, I am super duper thrilled. Won’t you be, coz we are talking about the most happening group of the ingredient in a vegetarian diet, the best of the protein source. Now that’s exactly what we need to recover and ease back into our routine after the crazy adventurous two countries we have been travelling. So here is what it is…

The Event

Conceptualized by and currently coordinated and executed by Lisa, MLLA is a popular series among the bloggers. Non-bloggers, scroll straight down to the rules and there is something for you. Seeing the number of years this event has been on, It is sure a big proud moment to be hosting it this month.

What you need to know?

  • The event I am hosting is till 28th Feb 2019
  • Any recipe where legume is the key ingredient can be added to this event.
  • Among the legumes, the popular ones are beans, peas, lentils, pulses etc falling under the family Fabaceae. You need not overlook the lesser known legumes like peanuts, tamarind and fenugreek ( check here or details-MLLA- Legumes)
  • Entries must be vegetarian – eggs and dairy are allowed.
  • Only one entry per participant is allowed.
  • Bloggers, please link only new posts, no archived posts are allowed.
  •  Link up this post, Lisa’s home page, Susan’s page, MLLA page to your post.
  • Though the use of the logo is not mandatory, it is very much appreciated as it will help spread the word.
  • Bloggers Link up your post here ↓

  • Non-bloggers, Bring out the best of your creations, Click a picture and send it along with the detailed recipe to seemadoraiswamy@gmail.com and watch out for the roundup on the first week of March for your feature.

So, that’s about the rules and I am so thrilled and waiting to see your creations. Follow up this excitement on our Instagram. See you soon.

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The VegHog
The VegHog
4 years ago

Nice to meet you via My Legume Love Affair! I have shared my recipe in the linky.

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