20 Game night recipes you don’t want to miss.

snacks for game night
Game nights are the most demanding ones with snacks. With a house headed but an obvious cricket fan and two more to cheer for the teams, hunger is at its best bet. So here is my “game plan”–pre-prep some snacks and survive the game nights. This particularly helps me as the game timings are pretty odd and don’t really work out for my schedule. Check out the extensive collection of my family approved snack list for this ultimate cricket time survival.
No way you will pass a game night without chips and dip

Check out these dips to go with your bowl of chips

Chaat corner

Setting a chaat tray is the easiest way you can sneak away at the heat of the match on any game night. As the mom I always am, I happily sneak away to have some alone time when the game on… For I am sure they won’t come looking for me at that time knowing fully well the chaat set will keep them busy. Here are my favourites.

Cold treats

So when it the summer sport time… You got to give it a bit of a cold treat.
Here are my make-ahead solutions and freeze away.

You cant keep away from the soothing feeling as your sink into a fried bit.

So here are a couple

Baked treats

The best of the treats are the baked ones. Sweet or savoury they never cease to please and here are the ones we have collected

Jar snacks

Finally..you have to keep the extra jar snacks so you know you have all the back up you need. Check out what I have kept ready for this season of game nights
These recipes will work whichever game your family likes to play and watch. Soccer, tennis or basketball it is the best list for all. Secondly, it is perfect for a bunch of teens put together so the next time you have some teens hanging out at your place, save yourself this list.
Don’t miss to catch up again. See you soon.
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