A salty realization

The basic salt…. a quintessential part of cuisine comes in various forms…sea salt ,table salt,rock salt, pink salt…and many more.
Further what I am writing is not very pleasant…
While picking up salt from the store for use it is common to see a large variety. This time we decided to try the pink Himalayan salt..as said by the pack. The pack gave a beautiful description that it contains no anti caking agents or colouring agents…
With in a few days I started feeling odd because the weather was humid, rainy to be precise,I had left my salt jar open,still it never clumped..
Later one day I added it to a clear  preparation and was transferring it to serve when I noticed pink/red crystal on the bottom of my pan..thinking that the salt was not well incorporated I tasted it and it was sandy…
Then I did the the following to confirm what I saw…   dissolved a  tsp of salt in a bowl of  hot water and one in cold water…check the result……
Is this what we want for our children… need every thing be adulterated?  Please be aware…

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