Aquaria at KLCC, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s always a fancy among children to watch fishes…even for us.
During our visit to Kula Lumpur we thoroughly enjoyed out half day visit to KLCC.
The Aquaria gave us a sense of being one with them .. exploring their variations in size, shape…colour..also their unique relationships.
The Aquarius was a world class set up to view, study  and conserve the exotic sea life.
The aquaria to begin with was not so crowded..which enabled us to read understand and then enjoy the variety. The variety was immense.  .
At the start…..there is a touch pool.We enjoyed feeling the tubefeet of the starfish as it walked on our hand and the super soft sea cucumbers. The leatheryness  of the nurse sharks upon stroking them was surprisingly.
The electric eel  was so giant…gliding hungrily…so we felt.
Following this we were found ourselves experiencing a beavers perspective of the world,  the huge water rat…who was quite busy with itself ..the savage feeding frenzy of the piranhas and the translucent jelly fish… almost like a ballerina.
The stream are the abode of otters and alligator snapping turtles  which was unique and so was the huge Amazonian Arapaima.
The ocenarium  a ninety meter underwater tunnel was exciting…more so was like a treasure hunt…with 8feet long sluggish sharks opposed to the super swift sting rays.
We were mesmerized by the magnitude of evolution and adaptation…
We enjoyed the part where..depending on the waterbodies the different areas were designed …the look, the feel and even the sound enhanced the effect and involvement rather than just viewing a fish.
The Aquaria  is open from 10.30 am  to 8pm.Please do spend enough time there….
The entrance  fee of RM 53for an adult is charged at RM40 if you have a valid work visa to stay in Malaysia or Mykad.
For a child it comes to RM 30.
This amount is totally worth it…a fantastic educational experience. Enjoy it….learn new facts and admire the beauty of nature .

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