Stunning views at Bald Hill Lookout, Illawarra.

Ball hill
If you consider being swept off your feet by the views to be true, you should have been to the Bald Hill lookout point. The stunning views of the ocean, the numerous hang gliders and the picturesque Seacliff bridge-all these are from the same point, the tall headland of Bald Hill.
This mind-blowing location is the best to soak up the sun and watch for the lovely humpback whales in the endless ocean blue (yes you can very well spot them). This sandstone outcrop along the Northern coast of Illawarra provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the region and the Royal National Park.

Adventure seekers gear up

Ever wanted to try a few birdie flaps…try them at Bald Hill Lookout. It is the adventure seekers must go location for hang gliding. If you are a paragliding enthusiast be ready to just take the leap. Find yourself soar up to the stunning greens on one side and the deep blues on the other. The immense contributions from Lawrence Hargrave towards box kites from this area has aptly contributed to the development of this area as a popular air sports point. A bronze plaque to read more about his contributions stands tall proclaiming the brilliance of the work done towards aeronautics years ago.  The Stanwell Park beach below is the best landing spot when you are trying your first flight. If you are a newbie try a tandem flight with unparalleled views and experience.
bald hill lookout

The view

Where and how to go?

The Bald Hill lookout is an hour drive from Sydney on the grand pacific route near Stanwell Tops. Public transport train is possible till Stanwell tops, it is a 3.2 km walk from there so I would seriously advise you to drive down there

Facilities and food

A food truck with quick bites to help you through the adrenalin pump ins. Softie ice cream truck is pretty much there at the Bald Hill lookout whenever we have been there..weekends especially. Basic facilities of water, toilets and seating are available. The place is accessible through a wheelchair from the parking lot.

Travelling with kids

 It can be a pretty spot to show the kids up-close views of these huge hang gliders and parasails. But it is pretty much a cliff so exercise caution when you let the kids run.

Watch the Colourful flight

Attire and reminders

  • Dress in layers as it can get a bit chilly when the wind blows.
  • Check the weather before you hit the roads- when the perfect wind see the skyline filled with the gliders.
  • Be prepared for a bit of heavy traffic on long weekends and a perfect wind scenario.
If you are not yet ready for the leap of faith..still go to Bald Hill Lookout. It is just fun to lick through the ice cream and watch the paragliders prepare and execute their perfect leaps.
If you are in Sydney on a rainy day, you may want to check out this.
Have a fun trip and wish you perfect panoramic views.
This post is co-authored by a budding young adventure enthusiast and my travel buddy  8-). We wish him many successful adventures and perfect landings each time.
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