Beet root tea….this is a must read

Beet root tea

Many a times I have tried to pick up courage to write about the super flops that happen in my kitchen as I try out new out of the blue ideas. If you have need reading my post till now you would have probably figured out – I am not much of  a recipe follower. Actually this gives me tons of freedom to try new ideas.
And some thunderous flops too.I will begin with this one – Beet root tea.

As I was thinking of colourful plates….and enticing palates..I thought adding fresh beet juice to my tea….would be a  remarkable twist. So I begin with the water boiling, followed by the black tea leaves and ginger ,cinnamon combo and then the milk and the beet juice.
Peering through the bubbling mess and fighting over the steam I tried to look for a princess pink….in the tea…
Oh ohhhh…did I underestimate the tea leaves …sure did..they decided the tea be their colour of choice…tea stained …than beet stained.
Never mind….I said to myself…May be it will taste incredible
Took a few sips…blowing the strained tea..vehemently trying to fight the heat….I felt..nothing unusual. Thought may be the excessive heat clouded my taste buds.
With borrowed patience waited..and sipped again as it began cooling. Na… sign of the beet juice..just the familiar taste of a masala tea…
So there it is folks….my flopped..Beet tea.

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Poonam Bachhav
2 years ago

Hats off to you Seema. Not all can gather courage to write about the flops in the kitchen…may be you can try a beet root tea using green tea leaves without milk.

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