Year 2018 @mildlyindian

year collection
This year we have made significant changes in the blogging style, photography and more.
Incidentally, we have a growing email list from our ardent followers. Our fanfare at each portal- Foodgwaker, Pinterest, punk delicious, facebook page, youtube and Instagram is admirable. All thanks to you lovely followers who make it more exciting.  We appreciate the emails we receive, comments and suggestions. Here is a collection of what you loved the most.

From the culinary section

Here are our 10 most loved posts this year
The emails and responses point out that many of you love the “Special Diets page” as it is easy to scroll through and get what you need faster. The health loving readers have pointed out to keep the nutrition calculator going as it makes perfect sense. We are glad we can do this.

From the travel diaries

Our most sought out travel share is…
Our Bald Hill Lookout, Australia has brought us quite a lot of emails asking for more. We plan to add them along as we head into the new year.
Ball hill
Take a look at out top ranking ones.

From the backstage


The technical advisor is running around and busy as he is expecting a baby soon and we wish him the best. Our travel photography has officially been taken up by our young travel enthusiast. Check out the surreal images crafted by him. Our travel financier and guinea pig for the food trials says he is happy with the progress and losing more hair by the day… A young new designer is on the backdrops, props and illustrations, encouraging the lazy cat to take a few good walks and get moving as she paints a picture perfect. And that leaves me, well you will keep hearing from me and don’t miss me.
We are over the moon with your response. We love the way you get us and support by prompting us to do more. Looking forward to implementing more of your suggestions and give you a bit more in the upcoming year. 
So see you more in 2019.
Wishing you all an iconic year ahead with love and laughter to top it off. 
year collection

Year 2018 @mildlyindian

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5 years ago

Love reading your achievements in 2018…all the best for 2019 and happy New year

5 years ago

Wow seems you had a great year. Loved reading all the achievements.. All the best for 2019

Sujata Roy
5 years ago

Always love your clicks. Loved reading your achievements. Great share.

5 years ago

Looks like you had a wonderful year. Very beautiful pics. All the best and happy new year ..

5 years ago

Seema you seem to have a blast!! Loved your collection of pics and posts!! All the best for 2019!! Keep scoring new heights!!

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