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There is no doubt with the stress from the current situations, it is an absolute requirement to keep yourself fit. With social distancing being the new norm,  it does help a lot to look at areas to do activity individually. When it comes to me… I absolutely love walking. This actually gives me a timely activity without exploring crowded areas. In fact, it is the calmness that I love while walking and thinking that makes this activity special to me.

Bushwalking us one of the best activities in Sydney to keep that momentum going. Call it walking, trekking, pathfinding … or just your way, essentially that is bushwalking. Blessed is the landscape of Sydney with national parks placed right through the city and suburbs. In fact, this is one of the best-recommended spots to take your mind off. Those rabbit trails, bike trails are the best explored closest to your house now and save up the other for the times ahead when we see the corona virus restrictions gone.

How does bushwalking help?

With the given situation, areas, where people do not frequent, are best explored. Being with nature help s in keeping that stable mental balance when we are all stuck at home. Bushwalking terrain provides for a focus on breathing and good cardio when you tackle the slopes up and down. If you have slightly older children this is a worthwhile exploration for them too.

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What to watch out for during bushwalking?

  • Always look for updates from NSW national parks before you start. Click here for the link
  • Have an overall idea of the trail you are attempting.
  • Carry water when you are going for a walk
  • Wear shoes with a good trip as the terrain will be rugged. Wheelchair access will have to be confirmed with the respective national park website.
  • Wear comfortable clothes dependent on the weather.
  • Best to have a mate or partner to go with you just to keep that momentum and safety
  • Keep to your trail for general safety measures.
  • D o nor disturb and touch the wildlife, they own the area, you are the visitor.lake bushwalking

Our favourite bushwalking spots in Sydney

The proximity of national park really makes Sydney so perfect to explore bushwalking. Depending on the area you live in choose the nearest trail and keep out of those camping grounds and high visitation routes.

Lane cove national park

The great northern trail is one of the most enchanting trails I have tried out. grade three walking routes for about 20 km can easily be broken down into managable little bits just to suit your fitness. I personally love the boardwalk along the mangroves and adore watching the reflection in the stillness of that water.

Kuring gai chase national park

Scintillating views as you climb up to Barrenjoey lighthouse with the waves lashing up on either side is a memory made. That zen feeling that I was talking about is from this path. Kuring gai national park also has some fabulous tracks for Aborginal heritage like the Redhands cave which is quite an easy tackle for a serious walker.

Gharial national park

My favorite here is the cascade trails of medium difficulty and about 3.2 km. Very close to the CBD and blessed with a good amount of fauna this soothing scenery is something you will fall in love with.

Blue mountains trails

I really cannot give you a count of how many walking tracks are here, but can promise each surpasses the other in the scenic beauty. Easy to hard tracks of varying lengths will keep you really occupied for quite a long time. If you do not live in the vicinity avoid the long travel and attempt the same when the world is back to itself.

North head walk

Choose the ocean walk or the Marshalls creek walk, either way, you are making memories. this is a great path for those upcoming whale watching months too.

South head heritage trails

The blue ocean on one side this walk brings so many memories for us. We have had takeaway birthdays to watching yacht racing here and the hours spend spotting those whales. The Hornsby lighthouse is a beauty by itself and count it in your blessings if you live nearby.

Narabeen lagoon trail

Easy well-formed walk path features this path. you could spend a good two to three hours through this track. Currently,  watch if it is crowded and avoid if it is so.

Coastal walks

I haven’t tried them all, but there are so many. just pick near a beatch and keep walking, your track will lead you to the next point. but if you are keen on a starting point, try Manly to spit bridge.

So here we are with what we are up to currently. We will update this as we try new trails  Let us know how you are keeping yourself active. Stay safe and stay alert.


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