Butterfly garden, Changi Airport, Singapore

Transit can  be a difficult time especially with kids. Multiple flights, jet lag, timezone change, crazy schedules, seat-belts all seem to just add on to the woes of travelling with kids. Yet Changi airport Singapore does a lot towards easing this especially when travelling with kids. multiple play areas, family zones, relaxing gardens and Koi ponds  make ones day a bit easier.

One of the most beautiful places in the Singapore  Changi airport is at Terminal 3, The Butterfly Garden .  If you have a few hours of stop over…this is your haven of peace, nature and good feeling.  The variety and the friendliness of the butterflies will amaze you.The colours and the flowers with a lush tropical jungle feel instantly connects to your inner child.

As your kids dance around you can point out to the numerous info boards around, learning a little but substantial each time. you can spend a few hours there or do a quick run in about 15 minutes depending on your schedule. Do enjoy this space, relax yourself before your next flight. your kids will have enough ideas to draw and colour during the upcoming flight.

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