Campbell street, Georgetown ,Penang

During the holiday season of Christmas my cousin had visited us.We had a fun filled time visiting places, trying new restaurants and scouring through the markets of George town….one of the special ones was walking through Campbell street in Georgetown ….
This street within the buffer zone of the world heritage centre, was bustling with lots of Chinese shops and quaint little eateries.
By history, it was a red light street of Penang…. known as Jalan Macau,now transforms to a important shopping destination. It was with awesome that we noted the glittering gold jewelry shops are still active here.
There are also  some old Chinese porcelain shops if you are looking for trinkets. The street sleeps by 5.30pm as most shops close.
And the traffic builds up enormously… but do take a walk through the street to feel the transformation through history….enjoy the walk.

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