Eating out- Jaya caters corner

Deciding  to eat out, as I was feeling lazy, I asked my husband to surprise me, he took me to Jaya caters. It was crowded at lunch time and I was a bit hesitant… as I was entering in I saw the live counter for chappati and dosa.. the man behind the counter gave me some broad welcome smile. Feeling eased in I entered and was surprised to see the variety of veggie dishes laid out. It is a ‘choose your dishes’ restaurant, where once you have made your choice and find you place to sit, a person comes around to your table and bills it right away. The veggies were finger licking good with a South Indian flair and the chappati ,soft and tasty.
Jaya is a must try place for vegetarians in Penang and easy on the wallet too.
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8 years ago

Nice and yummy,

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