Filta fresh from Coffee Day- 3 step coffee

The first  thing I like as soon as I land in India, is to dump all the bags and head to my mother in laws kitchen and smell the aroma of pure filter brew decoction.  Over the years she knows too that I love a good cup of coffee. Every time, even if it is I’m the middle of the night flight,  she I’ll be waiting and so will the fresh decoction  in the filter.  I love this subtle way of she saying… I care.
Followed by the aroma is the lovely frothed coffee in the traditional  “davara and tumbler.”
Ahhh,  the lovely coffee eases the strain and the effort of lugging the cases and the kids around. Now that the latter is a bit more bigger,  they seemed to have picked up their noses too to this lovely brew.
Coming back,  when native nostalgia  hits me,  I crave for a south Indian filter coffee. I do bring a small amount of the typical banglorean “80/20, ” from a coffee day outlet.
This time,  I missed it.  It was quite a hectic trip and I didn’t find any time to get a small portion.  I didn’t realise this till I reached the airport…
While waiting in the queue,  I spotted a coffee day outlet. Dumped all the bags onto the poor bewildered  husband and ran to see if I could grab a bag.  Uhhh!! ????the shop  only had all the exotic blends and gift packs.  Just as I was about to turn around something caught my eye… A white box,  saying “filta fresh”
Grabbed a couple of boxes, planning to check them out as gifts and got back to the long queue. Once we landed..  Promptly  distributed the boxes to my fellow coffee lovers.  To the third I held back.  Tired a sachet out of it on a rainy grubby day.
The three step brew was cool. Take the filter pack,  and like my kids say they come with “
Pop the ears on the side of the cup,  open up the pack and pour hot water as per instructions.
Viola!!!!! brew in the cup… Mmmmmmmmmm????????
The aroma of a proper filter coffee… Fills the air,  no mess,  no multiple dishes to wash, I like that more.
Add up the warm frothed milk and kaapi ready. I have to get my mother in law a pack of this next time….  She will love her cup of solitary coffee. I have to say on a strong note I am quite impressed by the flavour and the neat packaging. Check in the points below

Product info

Filta fresh is a “Coffee Day” product. The company has begun its journey in 1993 and has  quickly taken over the cafe scene in India.

Packaging and pricing

The packets come in a neat rectangular thin carton box carrying 10 individual sachets
each sachet is carrying 10 grams of powder. Each box costs Rs.150/-

Personal high and low

  • Comes in a individual packs.
  • Perfect for one medium strong filter coffee
  • Travel friendly.
  • Vegetarian seal present (mandatory in India)
  • Nutritional basic information included ( milk of choice to be calculated separately)
  • You need to have a good big mug which can actually hold the handles well to brew.
  • Aroma not as strong as the fresh powder but reminds me of home.
  • Each individual foil pack may be a trouble to recycle
PS:  this is not an affiliate post,  it’s entirely  the author’s opinion.
If looking for affiliate collaborations drop us a note in the comments and we will get back to you asap.
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Poonam Bachhav
6 years ago

Love reading your stories Seema.. nice product review

4 years ago

There is a small little South Indian place in Hornsby. I have to take you there for the filter coffee. It most certainly took me back home.

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