Tangy Fizzy Sherbet

fizzy sherbet


It was Megsy’s party, a pool party.  I kind of like parties just as any other girl would do. I kind of also like to have some lollies and keepsakes in my goody bag. that doesn’t sound very different from any other girl I am sure. There is one thing I love to see in my goody bag- Fizzy sherbet powder.

Have you ever tasted fizzy sherbet?

OMG!!! it is out of the world. The way it tickles your tongue and makes you go, sourpuss, faced, haha. Mom thinks I look hilarious when I have some, especially the lime ones. So, when she said she knows a cool way to make them, I jumped at the chance. this means I have an unlimited supply of sherbet powder and I can have it in all the flavours I like. Don’t you want that too??

Here is what you need to get your own unlimited supply

To collect from the kitchen

2 tbsp citric acid powder

1 tbsp baking soda

4 tbsp icing sugar

1 pack jello crystals

Equipment needed

A bowl

measuring spoons


Let’s begin

Dump all the ingredients in the measured quantity into a bowl.

Cut open ( be careful with the scissors or ask an adult) the Jello pack and add it it.

Roll up your sleeves and mix till all those little lumps go away

Taste test and adjust with the icing sugar if you like it sweeter.

Store in airtight boxes.

Why all that fizz?

It is almost like you have the volcano experiment you did in your hands-on science at school in your mouth ( except for that dishwashing liquid) Here is what happens with the fizzy sherbet powder

The citric acid dissolves in your saliva. When baking soda touches it, it starts bubbling as it is creating and releasing Carbon dioxide. This is very much like the Soda we have. This is the fizz.

Now I have my endless fizzy sherbet stock ready. Are you ready?

fizzy sherbet

Here are some not so cool things about the sherbet

  • Please don’t eat spoonfuls of Fizzy sherbet powder, coz that much baking soda can upset your tummy.
  • If that citric acid you have is in crystal form, this may not work well. So get the adult to powder it for you.
  • Store the powder away from moisture or it will not have any fizz left.


The next time I meet you I would have made some more flavours. Currently, I have tried raspberry and mango orange flavours. I am enjoying this dipping in a liquorice stick so can you or get some apples to dip and call it a snack.

See you again with cool stuff that I get to try. Meanwhile, if you have tried some ideas leave them in comments for me to try too.  Happy school from home season!







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