Gem restaurant, Little India,Penang

During a casual conversation with a newly acquired friend, Meena, I mentioned that I am looking for a good restaurant serving North Indian cuisine close to home… so I can use it as my hub….
Added to that my son said he would like to have yummy paneer and good naan…then she had mentioned to try
GEM restaurant, in Little India.
As we couldn’t wait to try and were famished..on Friday night..we decided to try this place.
For starting it pleased me to see restaurant written completely  on the sign and not as restoran….
As we entered there was a pleasant lingering smell of roasted masala…..inviting us…It felt like aromatherapy to me…and my tummy was about to roar in pleasure….
The decor was simple, a few Indian  wall hangings and lots of peacock feathers….
The menu..simple, easy to understand ….but we had our order prefocussed…
We were greeted by a bowl of papad with chutney.
We started of with spring rolls as starters…it arrived quickly,….crunchy and a good variety of veggie fillings…it finishes soon he re is what I had..couldn’t resist a bite before taking a pic…
Then came the star….butter naan,
Tandoori roti,with paneer butter masala and a sizzling paneer….we almost attacked it like savages….so good….with some good paneer in it….yummy yum….
The masala were not so overpowering… nor was it artificially sweetened or coloured…….
And the naan… the best so far I have tasted in Penang….
The roti had the tandoori crunch….loved it..
The sizzling paneer ….was the best….it came sizzling…and left sizzling our taste buds for more….
We further went in to try the veggie byriani….that was good too….served with a small bowl of onion raita and some kind of a Dal….well ….not so fancy as the roti n naan…. but was good…May be we were stuffed…
We were almost ready to pass over the desserts when I spotted the kulfi do I let that pass…so there came the kulfi…..we savored each bit for the nuttiness encompassed by the sweet icy milk….it was not overly sweetened or too sloppy creamy….I loved it..
What a great end to a Friday night dinner….an awesome treat to the week…..
Gems was a good quality north Indian restaurant .. where food was presented sans the frills…
A great place to have family dinner.
We have added this to our list of favourites..hope you do too…
Thankyou Meena..for,suggesting the place…

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seema doraiswamy
7 years ago

Awesome Selvee…glad I caught the best fan of gen in the pic….

Selvee Murugiah
Selvee Murugiah
7 years ago

I always go to this place whenever we go to Penang with our guest. I was in this photo wearing Blue dress.

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