Isthana Jahar..where royal traditions come alive

We are jolly good back to travelling. This time around we are exploring the heavenly Kelantanese hospitality at the city heart, Kota Bharu.
We actually got  to read and understand a lot about the history of the state in the chocolate coloured traditional Isthana Jahar.
This royal residence in wood built in 1885 is still in pristine condition. It’s  upkeep is admirable.
Isthana jahar is  a treasure house for history enthusiasts who love to understand the ceremonies, which in turn help is to relate to the cultural beliefs. The chocolate colour exterior may just be the right camouflage to the richly decorated interior  chambers clad in yellow silk.
On  the ground level encased in glass are the various varieties of weaves and traditional clothing, ornaments, vessels. Climb up the winding ornate stairway leads to the first floor, with a lot of wooden chambers. Each chamber describes a traditional setting. As we passed through the chambers, we learnt about the care for the Sulthan and Sulthana, the care for the mother -to be , the childbirth and after care all the way up to raising the child to a grown up. The description to the tee allows one to recreate the image of the ceremony.
Exit from the main building and surrounding the outer perimeter are laid out a variety of water taxis. The weaponry and a chamber for gems and fossils also are accessible through a stairway from the right of the building. The collection of weapons were impressive with the inlays in metal,crusted with gems and more. The type of the weapon, the usage and a brief history of the Kelantan  was highly appreciated.
With traditional music playing. The background the visit to Isthana jahar was truly memorable.

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