The exciting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu or popularly KK, is a phenomenal location inviting you to nature rich Sabah, Malaysia. It’s is the deep glistening jade sea…the South China sea and the mysterious rainforests that sandwich this state capital. The first glimpse from.the aeroplane makes you fall in love with the location…where modern conveniences and extreme nature adventures… both go hand in hand. I would call Kota Kinabalu the best location to travel to in Malaysia.
Beginning its roots as a British colony, it passes hands from the British to Japanese and now a part of Malaysia.
Most of the town was destroyed during World War II except a  few numbered buildings which were the survivors.
The world-renowned Mount Kinabalu contributed to its current name. Modern KK is built on a large part of reclaimed land with modern building and rapidly developing infrastructure.
The highly recommended sights of this town are the following.. which we plan to cover one at a time.

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
  • The majestic Mount  Kinabalu summit climb
  • Cloud walk in the heritage park
  • Tanjung Ara beach
  • A ride around to see the amazing buildings
  • The cafes at the waterfront
  • The hot springs at Poring
  • Or head to the highlands…

Enjoy the sun, the sea, the changing altitudes and the ever -pristine forests.
Every picture of  nature tourism in Malaysia can be related to  this beautiful place.

Check out more in pictures

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Tracey Kifford
5 years ago

I see what you mean about falling for the place from the airplane window view! I felt the same when I went to the Maldives last year. KK looks amazing too

5 years ago

I’m from its neighbouring country (Singapore!) and have heard so much about Kora Kinabalu but never did get the chance to visit it. One more place to add on to my bucket list!

5 years ago

Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Still haven’t been there yet unfortunately!

5 years ago

Malaysia is now my travel list since long time. I have never heard of this place and it looks really lovely. One more reason to visit this beautiful country. Hopefully, soon!

Garima Nag
5 years ago

Those aerial clicks are great. Malaysia is so versatile & travel friendly. Lots of places to visits & fun stuff to do.

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