Library-Straits Quay, Penang, Malaysia

When you look for a spot to wind down the hectic  week  with friends and a little laughter you should head to Library at the Straits Quay.
Straits Quay is Penang’s first sea front property which has a a collection of beautiful restaurants and pubs… more so fun place to rent a bike or take your skate board. As the sun sets thesis the place you want to be for good food and good time
Now back to Library, it is a prime setting with comfortable seating and good uplands decor. The live band plays around 9pm and is good.
If you are a natural breeze person stay outside because the sea breeze is going to make you feel relaxed. The crowd is absolutely nice with laughter filling the air and liquids flowing.
The bar gas a good selection of wines and liquids.The mocktails are  nice and not over the board. The snacks are fun., the onion rings are to due for….mmmm…. sorry I don’t have a picture Cox it disappeared so fast….we did try the  cheese nachos too..oh before I miss you should definitely try the lotus stem fried…now on the comes with salted egg… ask them to remove it… n there you have a a treat…the pizza was average.. so was the nachos….
The service though very slow , they are good at taking a change requested and executing it well.
It was a perfect evening..friends,snacks,.liquids and laughter…. what a nice way to end a week….

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