Matcha tea latte, Starbucks, Penang

Matcha the famed Japanese tea is quite popular in Penang…the beautiful vibrant green really makes it look appetizing.
The leaves of the tea bush (as I understand from reading over the internet) are covers to bring out the flavour and the colour characteristic of the matcha. It is a must ingredient in the Japanese tea ceremony….
With my Japanese friends,earlier ….I have tried it ..but ……
I have never tried it in latte form…. Adventurous yet cautious I decided to try the Starbucks version of it….
Reading about it’s goodness…and liking it’s flavour I would say I will go by the pure brew anytime than the latte…the latte did taste good at Starbucks…. but I am now on the lookout to brew it myself and see what I would like to pair it up with…..

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