Monkeying around at Monkey beach, Penang, Malaysia

Monkeying around is what you have in mind for a summer picnic day …..then you should be at Monkey Beach or Teluk Duyung. This popular ,yet not so crowded beach is in Penang National Park which is to the north western corner of the island.
The beach owes it’s name to the crab eating monkeys which love to roam these areas.
Upon reaching Teluk Bahang,register at the counter and make a choice if you love to capture the natural rainforest trek or take a fisherman boat to monkey beach. There is no road access.
The walk is  3.5kilometers approximately and is a jungle path by the coastline. It can be covered in around 2hours or more depending upon your fitness level.
The beach if taken by the fisherman’s boat is easy to access, especially of your are going with small children. The boat usually charges RM 50 per boat.
We took the jungle path to go and a boat to come back.
Monkey beach has a fantastic flat and sandy bed was ideal for swimming and a dunk for smaller children.
We had a cool splash in the clear water, built our sand castles in the unbleached sand and decorated them with the shells which dotted the beach.
We had carried our lunch as we were not sure of the options. The beach did have a small outlet for drinks, not much of food options… so vegetarians please carry your quite bite.
We relaxed for a little while and then the boys wanted to waterski..while I decided to chat up with a few locals.
From them I learnt, the beach is crowded during public holidays and usually has the least amount of jelly fish.
If you are in a mood for more can go up to the light house ,built in 1883.
As the sun decided to take a the sea…as per my younger one….we decided to head back too..
The  short boat ride was the best way to end the trip as we jumped the waves and had an adventurous finish.
When you are taking a trip to this beach,
please carry enough water while planning the jungle path.
Be prepared for a full day….because your kids will not want to come back soon.
Carry a picnic mat if you are going with your children.
Please start early, and reach the counter by 8.30 am if you plan to take the jungle route.
I am sure we will go again and again to this beach as it gave us a good workout through jungle path and a relaxed day….

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