Nontoxic Honey Slime

Honey slime

It is the winter holidays for me. How cool! I can get back to a lot of playtimes and creating a whole bunch of exciting stuff with you all! If you have my read previous posts, you will know that I love anything that is fun and edible. Now I’m making honey slime! You just put three of my favourite things in a sentence- edible, honey, slime- so well done!

Have you played with slime? It’s that messy yet super cool stuff. It flows and pretends to stick and then makes you mesmerised in it for hours. That flowy mess can be glittery, glow-in-the-dark, unicorn colours, you name it you can buy it. But that’s not fun, fun is when you can make it yourself. And that’s exactly why this recipe is great.

Let’s make some honey slime

Honey slime is slime mixture made from cornstarch and honey. It is an easy idea but you need to be comfortable with getting your hands dirty. Honey slime is surprisingly similar to oobleck( click here to learn) and it will help if you understand oobleck and non-Newtonian fluids. I promised not to keep you waiting so no more, here’s how you make Edible Honey Slime!

What you need:

honey slime ingredients

3 tbsp Honey

10 tbsp cornflour

Oil as needed ( start with a few drops)

Add the honey on to your mixing bowl or plate. Add a tbsp of cornflour at a time and mix it up. The honey will start flowing as you knead, so keep adding the cornstarch and knead again. Soon you will notice it becomes tougher. It reminded me of the taffy puller in Willy Wonka. Now add a few drops of oil and keep kneading. The mixture will start feeling like slime and behaving like one, the moment you have got the cornflour and oil ratio perfect. 

making honey slime

How does it taste?

The mix of honey and cornflour does taste a lot like honey!!! It is squishy and chewy but not overly sweet. It is not the best sweet treat, but just safe if ingested while playing

Mum Says- Honey is not safe for children who are less than a year old.

Well, I am not sure if they will like slime either as my little cousin doesn’t like anything sticky.

How does slime work?

Slime is made by a chemical reaction. That’s right! One of our favourite squishy things is made by chemistry and science!   There are two essential ways which make the chemical reaction that makes slime happen.

In slime, there are lots of little molecules called monomers. These monomers form a chain which is called a polymer. Glue is used in most slimes because it is made of lots of polymers. Borax and water make something called Borate ion when they are mixed. When the glue and the Borax solution (Borate ion) are mixed, the ion sticks the polymers together. When this happens until just the right amount of polymers are stuck, they cannot flow as easily so they make the slime rubbery.

nonnewtonian fluids

But, in honey slime, it is different because the main way that the slime made is because of the viscosity of the honey which is like glue. The oil makes the honey-cornstarch solution less sticky and when all of this comes together just right, you have an amazing homemade edible honey slime which is not toxic!

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Well, it was great to make this and I hope you had fun too! Let me know how your Honey Slime creation went in the comments below. Happy experimenting!


The honey we have used is from a local business. The honey really tastes great and it is good to know it is from the bees in their backyard. Here are their details: 

Contact- Wolf honey

(This is not a sponsored post, but an individual user of  the product)

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