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How do you like your weekends?

I love it with lots of quite time , not to be worried about whats in for lunch / dinner. I hate to cook on a Sunday… being bluntly honest here. Still, I worry over the takeaway/ home delivery meals based on the the quality. I really hate to waste a whole week with upset tummy because of a cheats way…

All this turned tables during my recent visit to Bengaluru ( Bangalore),  India. This is where is experienced the magic of Foodcinemas.

I had earlier received a call from them towards styling for their new menu and was speculating, if I should when I was on a holiday. As we were sitting and chatting with my family on that particular Sunday we decided to order in some lunch. This sprouted as an idea to try out the Foodcinemas without alerting them too. So we ordered in a couple of items from their menu and my option was the Nimona pulao Thali as home delivery meals option from their appetizing collection for food of the day.

The order in was smooth. Their website is quite friendly to a new user and was quite impressed by the various payment options for the home delivery meals ( A much needed scenario in India right now)

The process time was recorded as 40 minutes. Ahemmm… my thoughts said, they are never going to make it.. with the crazy stand still times in Bengaluru.

Exactly 38 minutes later my order is at the door….. (I need a shocked emoji now)

Neatly packed, hot food arrives …

The thali quite surpised me with the variety… the Nimona pulao the star of the home delivery meals was light and delicate as I expect a perfect pulao to be…. ( i hate squishy pulao rice). The sides of the capsicum dry, the dal tadka and the peas gravy yummmm with ever so soft phulkas. The dessert ohhh lalala…. well I got dug in as soon as I expressed ( so I waaaaant more)

I was not particularly sure of the corn on the side… I believe it was a salad, but kind of ignorable as I did to the pickle.

Over all the Thali was perfectly seasoned, and satisfying. I loved the way it was sealed ( I hate mixed up  gravy and soggy rotis.). This Thali  prompted me to check out their upcoming menu ( Dont miss it for the love of food!!!) and do the styling for them…have to admit, have never seen even a home kitchen so clean. Now was convinced these guys really do a great job.

Do not miss your happy meals with the ever changing menu and in the comfort of your home. Food cinemas here you go….

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6 years ago

I too belong to ur breed and will be happy to try this – like ur narration. Yummy!

6 years ago

Thanks da

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