Let live the sibling bonds – Rakshabandan collection for kids

rakshabandan collection
Rakshabandan, the festival to celebrate the lovely bond between siblings. A bond which through the innocent years develops with innumerable- ” he/she did that” and moves on to a comfortable shoulder to lean on when things go wrong. Isn’t that unique?
Last year we worked through chocolate wontons for my kids. It kind of outlined them very well. Crispy on the outside and gooey satisfying chocolate like love.
This year it was best to leave them to explore what they want to do together. They are at a deciding moment. So they pulled out every possible one for them to try from the blog. As they were recording them I realised there were so many…
So here is the collection of easy to do ones by kids themselves.

Traditional recipes

Here is a variety of traditional easy to do recipes. Some may need a bit of adult supervision

Drinks and coolers

Kesar doodh*

Watermelon slush

Classic milkshake


Pear orange smoothie

Fusion recipes

Kids love fusion recipe. Try out these for fuss-free options for your brother or sister.

Bread ladoo

Grilled pineapple*

Natural orange jelly*

Palmier cookie*

Cake truffles

Lemon grass jelly*

Cranberry bliss ball

Pancake slice*

Fruit and yogurt verrine

Chocolate treats

Last but not the least we have drool-worthy chocolate treats.

Microwave Chocolate murmura ( rice puffs)*

Crispy Chocolate wontons*

Chocolate milkshake

Dark Chocolate paddle pops

Hope you have the best time with your siblings and have fun with this project. I am back to see what my little fellows have cooked up!!

Keep you posted on our creations for this day on Instagram, so don’t miss to connect up.


Pin the recipes you love for future use… have fun on this lovely Rakshabandan.


It is best to have adult supervision when kids are learning cooking as a life skill. I have marked the recipes that involve heat with a *. Please read the recipe and assess the skill level of your child before handing over.Careful with the food processor blades and knives too.




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Shobha Keshwani
5 years ago

You have a lovely collection here to choose from.

5 years ago

Lovely collection of recipes for rakshabandhan. This is sure to help sisters prepare yummy dishes on the occasion

5 years ago

What a fabulous collection apt for Raksha Bandhan! I was trying to pick my favorites but they are all so yummy that it is hard to pick a favorite!

Priya Suresh
5 years ago

Incredible collection of droolworthy dishes to celebrate Rakshabandan. Am sure this post will be definitely helpful for many.

5 years ago

What a lovely compilation! One is spoilt for choices 🙂

geetha priyanka
5 years ago

Amazing collection.Its very hard to choose from so many delicious dishes. Good share.

5 years ago

Such a beautiful & yummy collection of recipes for this rakshabandan special.

Geetanjali Tung
5 years ago

What an amazing collection of recipes for this Rakshya bandhan!! I am sure it will be helpful for everyone☺ loved it!

Vidya Narayan
5 years ago

Great collection of recipes Seema. The brothers are in for a real treat this year! Happy Raksha Bandhan. May the bond grow stronger and sweeter, just like all these lovely desserts.

5 years ago

Wonderful collection of recipes. Happy Raksha Bandan! I am going to try a few recipes from here.

Mayuri Patel
5 years ago

Wow what a collection for Raksha Bandhan, with both traditional and modern recipes. Would love to try the chocolate mumra.

Ritu Tangri
5 years ago

You have got a lovely collection of dishes for rakshabandhan. Must try some of these 🙂

Poonam Bachhav
5 years ago

Awesome collection of easy to do festive recipes Seema ! Loads of love to Adi and Ankita..I am sure they will become great individuals and offcource good cooks too under your supervision ?

5 years ago

Lovely collection of recipes to choose from Seema. Happy celebrations to all of you.

5 years ago

wow thats a such a lovely collection of recipes. Beautiful, I am sure I am gonna make something out of this.

5 years ago

Lovely collection for Rakshabandhan, hard to choose one as all are super tempting!

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