Alle bele
The Goan teatime Pancake
Servings Prep Time
4-6crepes 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4-6crepes 10minutes
Cook Time
For the filling
For the crepes
  1. In a well-seasoned pan roast the coconut till slightly golden.  
  2. Then add the milk and sugar and cook it down on a low heat till it forms a sticky dry mixture.
  3. This is the filling and can be saved for a few days.
  4. Now to the crepe batter, Mix all the ingredients for the batter well into a smooth lumpless batter ( except water)
  5. The batter needs to be of pouring consistency so thin it out with water if needed.
  6. Heat a flat pan with raised and grease it well. Lower the heat to below medium and continue
  7. Pour a ladle ful of the batter and swirl the pan around or spread it well into a thin spread
  8. When cooked on one side and golden, flip over to the other side for a minute.
  9. Remove and set on a plate
  10. To roll, place two tsp of filling on one well done side of the pancake and fold the sides over
  11. Then roll like a log. place the open end down on the plate.
  12. Its ready to serve
Recipe Notes

If your crepes are thick, rolling becomes a problem- Use toothpicks to hold them