banana chips
Servings Prep Time
15people 30minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
15people 30minutes
Cook Time
To combine and set aside
To deep fry
  1. Set a heavy wok ready to go.
  2. Mix the salt and water to make a saturated solution. Set it aside
  3. Keep the mandolin ready to slice the raw plantain banana
  4. Wash and Clean the plantain banana . Pat dry.
  5. Peel the thick skin of the plantain banana
  6. Add oil to the wok and set on medium heat. Make sure you only half fill the wok so that the oil will not overflow and you need not worry about recycled oil.
  7. As the oil heats up, slice the plantain a little at a time. About half the plantain banana at a time
  8. Check the oil and drop in the sliced plantain banana to fry.
  9. As the sizzle up in the hot oil , spinkle a bit of the salt solution
  10. Let the salt coat the chip and fry futher.
  11. As the bubbles reduce and the chips appear crunchy in the oil, remove and drain on adsorbent paper.
  12. Cool the chips to hand warmth and then store in air tight boxes.
Recipe Notes

The chips when fried properly  and stored in air tight boxes stay for 2 weeks very well.

The slicing of all the chips uniformly assures that none of the chips go soggy and thereby make the whole lot go soft.

there are more flavours added to the banana chip. If adding Pepper powder or chilli powder  Sprinkle them as soon as the chips are lifted off from the oil. This assures they coat the chips well and stick to the chips well.


Tips on choosing the plantain

  • Look for a firm bunch of plantain. If soft then the plantain have started ripening. This will make sweet chips but will burn easily.
  • The Peel will be dark green for a raw banana. and will not be easy to take off. This assures the freshness
  • Buy the bunch as single banana may have crushed pulp which will not fry well.