Pickled peppercorns
Pickling the right way
Prep Time
Passive Time
Prep Time
Passive Time
  1. You will need clean sun dried or oven dried glass bottles with tight lids. so make sure you keep it ready.
  2. Pick the peppercorn and remove any unwanted sticks, or any debris
  3. Wash them by soaking in a bowl of water.
  4. Drain and pat dry thoroughly using a kitchen towel . leave it open for air drying any water remaining for a short while
  5. Cut the bunches into one inch long pieces.
  6. Put these into the bottle and add the crystalline salt.
  7. Squeeze the juice of ten lemon and pour over the pepper corn.
  8. If the lemon juice is enough to submerge the pieces of pepper then no more lemon is needed.
  9. If not, then squeeze in more lemon to nearly cover the peppercorns. This is the preservation. So, dont hesitate.
  10. Once this is done, close the lid tightly.
  11. Shake the bottle well and set it aside to start the pickling process
  12. Shake the bottle well everyday at least two times
  13. Open the bottle to begin using after one week of shaking and pickling.
  14. Use a clean, dry spoon to remove the peppercorns or they may get contaminated and become moldy.
  15. The pickle stays well for upto two years. ( dont skimp on the lemon)
Recipe Notes

As the peppercorns get used up and there is enough lemon juice left , use the juice to your salad to brighten up the flavors, mind the salt though.