Spicy roasted tomato dip
one dip to share with many friends you gather.
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
7minutes 10minutes
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
7minutes 10minutes
For the roasted Jalapenoes
Fore the roasted tomatoes
  • 4-6halves roasted tomatoesas per the earlier post link given in the write up above.
For the dip
to serve
  1. Wash and clean the jalapenoes and towel dry them
  2. Pass a wet skewer through them.
  3. coat them with a thin layer of oil and place them on the grill or charcoal fire to roast.
  4. As the skin gets roasted and charred turn to the other sides so they are all evenly roasted.
  5. Place them and a plate once all sides are charred and cover with a bowl and set aside for 7 minutes
  6. Once the jalapenoes sweat, peel off the charred skin and slice them in half. If you prefer, less heat from the chilli, remove the seeds. I kept the seeds of 1 and removed the seeds of the other to make this recipe.
  7. Prepare the oven roasted tomatoes as given in the earlier post. Check the link above.
  8. The oven-roasted tomatoes if previously made and frozen needs to be thawed. If freshly made bring them to room temp.
  9. Into the food processor or motar and pestle, add the roasted jalapenoes, roasted tomatoes with the garlic and basil, the mint and spring onions. blend them to a smooth dip.
  10. Taste test for salt levels and adjust if needed.
  11. Serve up this beautiful dip with chip and salad veggie fingers.
Recipe Notes

You can alter the herbs to thyme or rosemary which stand the oven roasting very well. you can totally omit the mint or the spring onion too, but I find the freshness they add makes a wonderful difference.