Young ginger pickle
Pink ginger pickle
Prep Time
20 – 30 minutes
Prep Time
20 – 30 minutes
  1. Wash and clean the ginger. Pat dry and set aside.
  2. With a spoon scrape off the tender skin on top and clean it again.
  3. Slice them thin and then julliene the ginger.
  4. Add to a clean sundried mixing bowl. ( to make sure no traces of water as water will bring in mould)
  5. Now add the salt and mix well
  6. Squeeze the lemons and extract the fresh juice
  7. Add this to the ginger kept ready. Mix well.
  8. Transfer to sundried or oven-dried glass bottles.
  9. Shake the pickle a couple of times each day for about three days and you will notice the colour change.
  10. Once the colours are changed and the pickle is ready to use. Store in the refigerator and use a clean dry spoon t take the pickle
Recipe Notes

Use lime juice if lemons are not available. still the flavours are phenomenal.

Use slit green chillies if you like it really spicy.