Restaurant Review : Spicy by nature – Bangkok

Spicy by Nature, Bangkok

A week long wanderings at Bangkok brought wonderful sights, exciting Thai flavors..yet..the craving to try Indian crept back by Day  five.

We pushed it as far as possible,tried the resistance mode too, but the calling of the taste buds….dragged us in.

So here we are at Spice by Nature, the restaurant, recommended by our place of stay.
A short walk from Asiatique, the highly popular market by the evening,  along the busy streets of Bangkok, Thailand brings us in front of the famed Chatrium . Turn 90 degrees and look for small green painted place, you found Spice by nature.


[powr-map id=07f9c13d_1481607644]

We were greeted by a smiling Thai employee, who lead us to a table for four. Sitting there, I really wondered, how come such  a small space received a excellent recommendations. The space is just enough for three tables for four and and a table for six. No frills, no fancy decor, simple clean line furniture and a smiling  waitress.

Food and quality

We,were quickly made comfortable, and served us our drinks which were fruit juices per choice and papads with stingingly spicy green chutney  equally soothing  sweet mango chutney.

Soon came , dahi kebab as per the chefs recommendation and cashew roll. The dahi kebabs did keep up to the reputation with creamy hung yogurt filling and the creamed potato crust seasoned perfectly.

The cashew rolls were OK, it was tasty but not much of a cashew feel to it.
We had tomato shorba, a simple soup of tomato and fresh coriander. I have to say this was so….soothing in the rainy Bangkok weather, it just brought us home..

Our mains for the day had butter naans and tandoori rotis with creamy makhani paneer and kadai mixed vegetable. I have to say we were drooling as it arrived coz the nans looked most delectable.

I have to say though that the makhani was a bit overly creamy yet the paneer succulent and felt fresh. The kadai vegetable with a whole spice seasoning felt like home was so welcome as we didn’t see the glaring layer of oil characteristic of restaurant menu.
We chatted a while with the owner, who was impressive with his authentic knowledge of food and showed excellent understanding of the taste buds of the different nationalities we saw coming in. He guided them well, and they seemed to appreciate his help towards the choice from the exhaustive menu.

Our week long wanderlust amnesia was slowly kicking in,and so we lost our touch for our visual media, our camera. Hence we have very few pics. But don’t go by the pictures, experience the place yourself…it’s lovely.

In the photographs is all so the address of both his restaurants or call up for a’s lovely to experience Indian cuisine outside your country, that too bring appreciate for a near perfect authenticity

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