Sushi kitchen, a Japanese vegetarian adventure.

It’s been a pleasurable adventure so far in Penang …with respect to my palate.
I am glad Penang, Malaysia is a foodie town…also that I did find a group of lovely ladies who like a little chit chat time over a lunch as often as possible. The places they choose to catch up with one another is each time….livelier than the previous one….this time…we went to Sushi kitchen at Sungai Ara.
Aha!!!my brain.Japanese…yehhhh…. and vegetarian too….I literally fell of my seat when came to know this…..I was so happy….to try Japanese food in a vegetarian setting…and was so looking forward to that day….
I reached the place….parking is a bit tricky …as there are schools around the area…and also  roads can get congested during the pick up drop times.
I was looking for a ground  floor entrance to the restaurant when I reached there….till a friend pointed up……..the restaurant is on the first floor with a sign board high up in the air… ring the door bell at the entrance on the ground floor and the door opens leading to a stairway….I was at this point almost ready to run up to get a glimpse of this place…mystery on still…..
Very lady like…we climb up the stairs…and …there is the wow moment….
The service floor is a long room dived into two parts one side with  table seating and the other ‘tatami’style…. dining area is filled with a variety of collectibles and antiques….interlaced efficiently with hanging plants…
The greenery and the Japanese style seating were very inviting.
We order our food from the elaborate menu..  a sushi tasting plate, noodles, using noodles, seaweed rice ,  fried rice and some chilli padi rice and our drinks…
Peeling and munching on fresh(well…frozen thawed) endame while chattering we were…..about the sake vats and other beautiful collectibles there.
Food arrived…eye capturing sushi  plates…evidently of attention to detail.
The noodles and rices followed..and so did out drinks.
The sushi tasted amazing…with a tiny leaf of wasabi superb……each tiny rollup was delectable.
The udon noodles was  flavoured with a heavy hint of soy….but was ok.
The rices tasted much better than the noodles and were a perfect one person quantity. The  noodles were mediocre and did not give us any Japanese flavoured…among the rice dishes….. chilli padi  fried rice was the best if you can take the heat….it went well with the matcha green tea too ( refillable)
The service is short staffed and so is the kitchen and the place was full during lunch hour. So  if you are going there make sure…you call up and reserve in advance. Also make sure all orders are up together…..coz later orders if any suffer huge delays. We couldn’t get a extra order of fried rice….as we ordered it later…and the restaurant was too full….
We finished or lovely get together celebrating one of the group mates birthday..with a slice of vegan chocolate cake….before anything….it was beautifully presented and so….yummmmm…
We wrapped up, a lovely meeting , a cozy new place to add on my list for veggie sushi and chillipadi fried rice and a not so overtly expensive restaurant with a great ambience.
Great theme….a vegetarian Japanese place…..hope they hire a few more help to make the service smooth …and for sure…the place is a gem..

The restaurant is open on Wednesday to  Monday from 11am to  9pm. The address …..Jalan sungai ara1, Sungai ara. Bayan lepas. Call up at …046446739. Enjoy the experience.

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