Sydney harbour bridge climb.

Sydney harbour bridge climb

One bucket list item was checked.

There is no way being in Sydney you will not give a thought to scale the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Combined with its history, this bridge climb is a unique adrenaline rush experience you absolutely have to check out.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The most recognised iconic landmark in Australia is the harbour Bridge. Opened in 1932 the bridge spans 503 meters and is 134 meters from sea level at its topmost point. This iconic spanning arch bridge is the 8th largest in the world. This connects the north shore to the CBD with 8 lanes for traffic and train lines to add on. The vision of John Bradfield to create walk paths and cycle tracks was beyond the span of time when it was designed. Nevertheless, this massive iron structure has stood the test of time and is awed at all occasions from the new year fireworks to anytime you pass under it.
There are a few different ways to enjoy this bridge. The best of course is the bridge climb.

Sydney bridge arches

Sydney Harbour for BridgeClimb Sydney, September 14 2013. PHOTO: GEOFF JONES

The climb base

Head up to the climb base at the Rocks (address on the website below). The climb base is a meeting ground so the staff can verify your details and get you started. The best part is the dramatic catwalk above your head that you can walk up once you get geared up and ready for the climb. The climb base is equipped with a Cafe and a gift shop just in case you need it.

Attire and gear up

Once you are all checked in, it’s time to suit up. You certainly don’t want to fly up your skirt!! The crew will be conducting a few updates and hand you a comfy jumpsuit. They will guide you based on the weather how to layer up for the day. Leave all your belongings in the locker so you can enjoy yourself  (it is a requirement).
With the traffic below, anything you are needed to carry will be required to be attached as well. So your sunnies and hats will be securely attached. Aided with the headset you will be perfectly able to hear the climb guide all the way.

The climb

Imagine yourself exploring the wonders of one of the best cities of the world looking down upon the rushing cars that now look like miniature hot wheels and the train that looks a few inches or smaller than a kids toy. This literal birds-eye view is only possible from the harbour Bridge tethered to a climber’s lead above 1334 steps high.
Does this sound like what you wish to do, then go for it!!

Sydney bridge climb family

Planning the climb

There are a few different climb routes on the bridge,  each providing a panoramic 360-degree view.  Check out the website to know more about these routes.
We planned the Summit route and it had a brilliant 360-degree view of the harbour, the Opera house, Luna park and the whole cityscape.
Once you have decided here are a few pointers you may want to read on before booking.

Check the Weather

Whether you preplanned or jump in on the spur of the moment, check the weather. Since it is open and at a height, the surreal experience is heightened only with the best weather. The day we chose said it will be rain from the afternoon, but the morning sky was clear gibing us the shimmering green water below and the clear skies are far as the eyes can see.
Health declaration the climb though not extremely strenuous, does involve a fair bit of steep ladders and a good 135 metes attitude from sea level. Hence, evaluate the health perspective with a practitioner if needed. The prep checklist on the bridge climb website provides all the details you need.
Given the current scenarios be fair and declare if you don’t feel well. It is always easier to postpone than feel sick.
Disability services the climb crew do have special packages for the disabled. They are very efficient with this service. Kindly contact them.
Children our climb crew did have an enthusiastic little buddy. It is always great to see their energy as it makes you keep going. 8 years and 1.2 meters in height qualify for the climb. So don’t leave them behind as they are memories with you.


The bridge is a part of the transport division of NSW government. Hence, photography with your own device is prohibited for all fair reasons. That’s doesn’t mean you have to just carry these in memories. Book a photo-video package and your climb guide will be your photographer. All the images you have here are captured by the media team and are copyrighted.
Fear of heights following the interaction with the climbing guide, I am very confident in telling you that they certainly are trained to handle that too. The dynamic team has certainly helped many in this situation. Talk to them and see where you are comfortable. If you are feeling the nerves, we’ll that is the part that motivates you to the climb.

Changes with the covid situation

With the evolving day to day changes, it is best to keep yourself in the loop with the NSW health website and the toll-free number for the bridge climb crew. They are the sweetest and have the best advice for you every time.
As usual, be mindful of your team, mask up,  sanitise and follow the guidelines. Stay safe and keep the community safe.

Stay connected

The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb was one of the goosebumps experiences in recent times. Feeling like a bird watching the city was really exciting. Here is the website for the bridge climb that you can use- Bridge climb official site. Look out for updates and specials from them.

Here are a few more fun things you can do around Sydney

Bushwalking Sydney

21 things to do in Sydney

Wormhole Northern beaches.
As usual share with us, your experiences if you have done the climb. If you have recommendations places nearby that we can try, send them in, we love to explore. Don’t forget to subscribe as we slowly begin safe travels back again.
Keep that travel spirit going, don’t forget to tick off a few from your bucket list.
See you at the next post.


The images we have utilized for this blog post are copyrighted and shared with permission from the bridge climb team. Kindly refrain from downloading and using these images directly, rather contact the website and the ever-helpful team to secure permission to use them. Thank you. 


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2 years ago
Rating :

This is a worthwhile trip – a very enjoyable experience indeed! If I were to try again – I will attempt the Dawn or dusk climb. I never get bored of the Harbour Bridge!

2 years ago
Rating :

I have been looking through a lot of posts to see the experience before I try it. I am so happy to understand so much more using your
Post. Thankyou for this in-depth write up. I feel confident booking for this now.

Shobha Keshwani
2 years ago
Rating :

What an amazing experience it must have been for you. I have heard about this a lot. I still haven’t had an opportunity to visit Australia as yet.

2 years ago
Rating :

What an amazing experience, it sounds fun and you must have had some amazing views.

Mina Joshi
2 years ago
Rating :

Gosh- you are very brave. When I visited Sydney,I did see the climbers, whilst looking up the bridge with amazement. I was just content to sit and enjoy the awesome view. Sydney is such a beautiful city.

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