Teluk Bahang dam, Penang, Malaysia

One among the three majestic dams in PenangTeluk Bahang dam  is the most picturesque in my opinion. The deep blue shimmering waters on one side and the sea at the far end on the other.  All this, carpeted in hues of green by the lush surrounding valley. With the evening sun painting the skies, you will love the scenery.
As I  read – the dam was completed in1999 as a supplement to Air Itam dam. It’s located in the south west part Penang and is the largest on the island.  The road along the side of the dam allows you to appreciate the lovely scenery.
Drive down through bath ferrungi to tell bahang village or take the Rapid Penang bus to Balik pulau to reach the spot.
Walk along the ridge.. with kids…it’s so easy for them to understand how a reservoir works…educational….

Psst….please do not stay around for long time as it is not a tourist spot. Enjoy the place and move on…there is more that Teluk Bahang can offer like the beaches, butterfly park.or the escape theme park for some adventure.
Psst….please take care not to’s one of the water sources in Penang.

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