Tender mango pickle ( kadugu maanga) from Foodcinemas

Tender mango pickle from Foodcinemas
Making kadugau manga,  tender mango pickle is a laborious process our grand moms  and moms religiously did during the summer.  The whole tender mangoes are processed for about a month and then sealed off for a few months to attain the perfect juicy yet crisp mangoes, oozing out in the spicy tangy flavors in every bite. The key to this whole process is meticulous and clean processing.
Starting from choosing the apt mango variety, making sure the mango is fresh, to assessing that the mango has enough sourness the process looks tedious already.  Each mango  is cleaned,  stalk cut to right length and then marinated carefully in salt.. This process itself takes about  a month.
Now the perfect blend of chillies and other spices have to be made.  The adding process yet again made a ever daunting process….
Well at this point am going to leave off the processing… It far too laborious task to do  and wait or ages to score a  bite.
How about a short cut, cut straight to the eating part.  Now,  it feels like me…
I had this wonderful experience  with Foodcinemas.  Their kadugumana  achar  bottles are a perfect labour of love. If you want to call it a perfect bite,  you may.. For its really done too well.  Authentic in taste,  tested and approved by both my mother and mother in law (who for ages have been putting pickles). This Foodcinemas bottle is now perched well on the dining table.
The mango yielding yet crunchy,  the spice blend perfect all you need is a bowl of rice and some good yogurt for a comforting smooth meal.
 Product information
There are about 22  tender mangoes in a bottle with the spicy gravy. The pickled mangoes mostly all are equal in size ( a true quality of perfect pick, as per my mother in law).
Pricing and packaging

The product comes in glass bottles ( I thank the Foodcinemas for this thoughtfulness).

The bottle is priced at Rs 142/- with free delivery for a minimum amount ordering.

Personal highs and lows
  • It comes in a glass bottle.
  • The bottle with 22 mangoes is perfect… you cannot overeat.
  • The marination of the mangoes in the spicy mixture was effective.
  • The mangoes were soft  yet not squishy .
  • No trace of added color .
  • Non greasy.
  • The delivery service was perfect, saved me a lot of time in Bengaluru traffic.
  • The labeling on the bottle easily came off ( it quite didn’t matter as we were ready to finish it).
  • No nutritional label on the bottle, so couldn’t check the sodium content.
  • No labeling of use by date / best before date, also.
  • Personally, I wish there a bit more of the spicy gravy part of the pickle to top off the mangoes. it keeps well or a longer time.
  • The product is delivered only in South Bengaluru ( check the website for more details )
Tender mango pickle from Foodcinemas

Tender mango pickle from Foodcinemas

If you have an authentic Southie crave, call up
Foodcinemas  9019998899 
or check out their site. Leaving the link up for you here for ease.
 Do check out other product and restaurant reviews on this site while you are around.
Nimona pulao – home delivery meals from Foodcinemas
Do not miss to comment on your thoughts about Foodcinemas too in the discussion panel… Just scroll down
Last but not the least,  this is not a sponsored post.  It’s just a share of an experience. If you are interested  in a review  for your product don’t miss to leave a note. I will surely get back to you.
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Poonam Bachhav
7 years ago

Lovely product review ..the pickled mangoes look so tempting !

6 years ago

Wow! This is one of the most interesting products I think I have ever heard of. I like sweet and savory, but I never thought of spicy mangoes! I bet the taste is just absolutely amazing. 🙂

6 years ago

How interesting! I’d never heard of these, but I may have to look and see if I can find them to try!

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