Thermomix, The world’s smallest kitchen.

Cooking with thermomix

The world’s smallest kitchen

Today we met a product which revolutionised our idea of kitchen. We spent a few hours…wowing this new concept and wishing we had it at different stages of our life too. Known as “the world’s smallest kitchen “, the thermomix was introduced to us(a small group of trusted friends) by Ms. Lim, a thermomix exponent.

Quite skeptical was I when I invited her to my place for this experience; as gadgets are not my happiest part of the kitchen. Yet the curious cat in me could not hold back after I tasted her amazingly moist chocolate cake. So we did ask her to give us the cooking experience through it.

Thermomix the product of the corporate, Vorvex  is a product designed to perform, cooking,blending and stirring all in one equipment.  It is attributed to perform 12 essential functions of a kitchen and we saw a literal demonstration for each one of these features.

We were treated to delicious lemonade to open with where untraditionally we didn’t have to cut the lemon. Yeah…I get, you are thinking.  What do blended up the whole lemon ..with the water..n the pulverized rock sugar…nah…we won’t fall for that..that what any blender will do for you..this one went one step ahead and chipped off the did not blend it, yet the pulp was smoothly incorporated  into the iced water added… that’s wow!!!!
We moved on to observe the functions smooth blending without cooking….have to agree,, the blades and indeed super sharp. The bigger advantage, the blender vessel did not get warmed up by the process of pulverizing the ice..there by keeping our sorbet….delicious..yumm yumm
Sipping on our delicious sorbet, we observed the making of the the stir fry. A picture perfect outcome with the garlic minced  (peeled too)and gently sauteed  to a perfect healthy texture…we went with all oooh and aaahhh at this point.
We welcomed the steamed fluffy bounds and the  pumpkin sago soup desssert while observing hot blending and steaming.
We loved the way it took a few seconds only to cook down after each process was completed and that it did not rapidly drop temperature the recipie was underway.
We marvelled at the detergent free  washing option if the bowl, quick efficient and oiless…note to self..this may be a highlight point…to end all dishwashing. To all those who are used to the dishwasher, it’s perfectly dish washer safe.
Pack it, lock it, set it for transportation, not too heavy for the knowledge that you are literally carrying a blender, chopper, a heating element and a few pots together.
Though all said, we did observe that it can only mince not chop it is a blender style blade. It does not cut down your cooking time but does cut down the cost of cooking as per  Ms Lim’s observation.
Being predominantly vegetarian we were wondering about  the cooking strategies for our main source of proteins …dals and beans,which may need longer cooking hour. In my mind…I am not a measurement based recipe follower, so each step of weighing and setting felt like a bit daunting to me….this may be quite a matter to get used to.
Nevertheless, the product is highly recommended too newbies of cooking,the elderly,  nontraditional, health conscious cooks and  those who irk washing dishes. Digital lovers,you will adore this product.
Give it a try(call in a hands on experience).do understand the changes technology may bring to your  home….one day we may go without the heart of the house…..the kitchen!!!

Leave  note inthe comments if you want to experience the same…

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Poonam Bachhav
5 years ago

Informative product review Seema !

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