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As the cultural capital of Kerala (India), Thrissur is one of the best destinations to have a perfect couple of days of a stopover in your itinerary. The true spirit of communal harmony in the god’s own country is best exemplified in  “mmadaeThrissur. ” Check out this post that gives you an idea of planning a day or two in the heart of Gods own country.
Developed as the capital to the powerful reign of the Kingdom of Cochin, Thrissur has prospered economically and culturally by this patronage. This cultural abundance is why my parents chose to be here post their retirement. In fact, it is a drama-free town with an immense amount of activity and participation for them and a perfect good feeling to go back to be with your parents.
My visits to the town usually are just to be with them. This time, I wanted to see them through my parents’ eyes. Being a frequent traveller and efficient writer, my father has accumulated cultural knowledge by reading and seeing the town. My mother, on the other hand, is a true “thrissurkari” by birth, and knows the cultural and building history from her childhood days. Hence, my trip was the most effective. Here is a collection of their best locations in the town.

Places to visit in Thrissur

The land of poorams is a perfect blend of nature and architecture, Needless to say, most of this architecture that dates back centuries provides the perfect backdrop for the festive glitz. The list below this image of my dad and me provide you with brief information about each place based on the tourist interest.
Thrissur town

Religious and Cultural sites

Vadakumnathan temple

The 65 acre around which the town of Thrissur was designed centrally hosts the most magnificent 1000-year-old temple, Vadakum nathan kshethram.  Covered in mural art the temple walls and structure are now a protected heritage site. With the largest Koothambalam inside and strict religious practices, this sprawling temple grounds offer entry only to the patrons of the Hindu religion. Covered in 16 feet of ghee, the hardly visible idol looks like a massive white tower.
Thekinkkadu maidhanam
The land area surrounding the temple has been developed as a round, slightly conical free traffic-free zone. This is the Thekkinkadu maidanam. Maidanam is flat ground and probably this area had a lot of teak wood trees at the time, hence thekin kadu ( teak forest). This is the site of the world-famous Thrissur pooram and is accessible to all. Grab a small pack of freshly roasted groundnuts and enjoy the perfect spot to enjoy the city in the evening from this spot. Watch the elephant and its mahouts or the endless traffic circling this area, and catch up with friends, it all happens at the maidanam, fondly called the Thrissur Round.

 Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores

The” Puttenpalli” as it is fondly called has one of the largest church interiors in the whole of south India. Built in 1845, the neogothic-inspired steeples are nearly 140 meters tall. 

Thiruvampadi Krishna temple And Paramelkavu Bagavathy temple

These two temples are the main participants of the world-famous Thrissur pooram festival. Regarded as two sisters, the annual visit to meet up is the celebration of the pooram, which happens during the last week of April or the first week of May. 

Shakthan Thampuran museum

The abode of the King of Cochin and built according to the Dutch -Kerala architecture the Vadakkethara palace is one of the best-preserved buildings of Thrissur. The museum inside the palace has one of the best-preserved collections of old coins and utensils and statues. 

Kerala Kalamandalam

This is of the top recommendations on my dad’s list of best visited. Here is my detailed experience with my dad.

Nature and elephants

  • Thrissur zoo

Indeed a number of times I have been there. From my childhood with my grandparents and now with my kids and parents. It is certainly not the best, but good to observe a lot of animals. often see a lot of artists in training here as well. 
  • Punnathur Kota

That lands of jumbos with the traditional housing structure is a perfect Instagram-worthy image you don’t want to miss. Head over to Punnathur Kota to see how these gentle giants are cared for. The resonance of the trumpets of 50 to 60 elephants is one of my fond memories. This, however, is not a place where you will find jumbo shows. But against the backdrop of the 500-year-old Punnathoor Kota Mana, a traditional Nalukettu this is an unerasable memory made. 
  • Peechi dam

22 km from Thrissur is this irrational project which not only provides for water but also a great picnic spot. A significant fact is that the dam is one of the major drinking water supplies to the area
  • Athirappaly waterfall

The 80 ft tall cascade originating at the western ghats is one of the mesmerising waterfalls and a site of many Bollywood song sequence shoots. 
  • Vazhachal waterfall

5 km away from Athriappally, a leading into the deep jungles of Sholayar, the Vazhachal falls stay amidst the green carpeting of rainforest. It is indeed a blissful treat and a great picnic spot. 
  • Vilangan kunnu

A simple zone for the town of Thrissur and a scenic view from. the hillock is what Villangankunnu has to offer
  • Chavakkadu beach

Thrissur is not really a beach town. Yet, the raging waters of the Arabian sea crash into the beach zone at Chavakkad. It a simple evening sunset with family and friend that make this a wonderful evening to remember. 
dam at thrissur

How to reach?

Thrissur is accessible by rail and road easily. 
Flying in the nearest airport is Cochin and then you can travel by road to Thrissur. Airport taxis are reliable and polite. To explore 
Thrissur at its best, use the best mode, autorickshaw. That three wheeler drive is one you don’t want to miss. 

Climate and costume

Kerala has a typical coastal humid climate, with pouring monsoons and hot summers. The best months to visit this region is from Sept to February. 
Prepare with light cotton and easy to wear garments.
Heading to the religious centres? The piligrim centres do have their own dress code. Men, please do not wear the printed colourful “lungis” to wander in, choose a neutral colour much more elegant- “Mundu”. Women have specific guidelines to the temples as well. Best carry a wrap-around skirt and a little cardigan to throw around the shoulder.

Travelling with kids or elderly

Check out this post if you are travelling with children or elderly. 
There are plenty more to explore in this region, temples, churches, a wildlife sanctuary in the Western ghats, innumerable waterfall and more. Every evening you will find a perfect place to immerse in a cultural experience of dance, drama or music. 
Enjoy your visit and if you need quick help with the itinerary, email us from our contact. 
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