Wormhole at Manly- Queenscliff, Sydney, Australia

wormhole caves at manly beach
Staying close to the Manly beach was one of the first things that ran in our head when we landed in Australia and began exploring the region. Now, that it is a blessed summer (as a fact, I am not very winter-friendly) we get to take long explorative walks. Today’s walk leads us to the Queenscliff Tunnel or Manly wormhole

What is a wormhole?

 A wormhole is a speculative connection between space and time as explored by the scientists .these are actively built upon by a lot of imaginative literature around it which makes it even more mysterious.
hidden spots in Sydney

Manly wormhole

Dug up in 1908, the Queenscliff tunnel or the manly wormhole indeed feels like a passage through the unknown. Perhaps that’s why it is called a wormhole. The fishermen who dug it up sure had the best of the Queenscliff rocks and the freshwater beach region connected up easier than clambering up the rocks. On a sunny day, the wormhole towards freshwater offers the best-uninterrupted views of the blue sea.


It was funny how the google maps led us exactly on the parking lot right above the wormhole, through which we cannot climb down and we had to go around to find it. So head over to Queenscliff rock pools and head out to the rock cliff above it. Watch out for the huge pink heart painted on the rock edge (check this image)
queenscliff beach
Clamber over the rocks and there is a bench perched up for the best views of Queenscliff bridge. Head further along the rocky ledges and you will see the wormhole entrance.


The rocky ledges and the climbs are suitable for a moderate level of a hike. They are not wheelchair accessible and not the best with smaller children as it is not fenced and with sharp rocky edges and cuts in the rock.
Sydney, Australia

What to carry

The accessibility to the Manly wormhole is through the beach and the rocky cliff so wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You will not need any light providing apparatus if tackling this patch through the day. Beach related accessories, sunscreen is a blessing. If planning to sit down for a while,  carry a beach mat and some water (or nibbles)
 Love to swim?  Try the rock pools right below as you come back. Also, don’t miss the whimsical note on the signboards that caution the swimmers and divers.
Here is yet another brilliant spot a bit away from the humdrum of the city.
Passing through the wormhole makes one feel like a part of some covert operation. If your imaginative consciousness is active, you will love this secret spot. Enjoy your trip to the beaches this summer and in case you head up here in winter, here is a collection of things you have got to try.
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See you at a new location soon.
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