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Vellam payar sundal

Cardamom infused red bean dessert that is gluten fre is popular bommaigolu prasadam.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Desserts, Sweets and savories, Traditional
Cuisine Baby toddler food, gluten free, Indian, Karnataka, Kids choice, Pressure cooker, South indian, tamilnadu, Vegetarian, Winter
Servings 4 people


To pressure cook

  • 1 cup adzuki bean ( Red bean, Karamani, Munpayar)
  • 2.5 cups Water

For the sweet syrup

  • 3/4 cup jaggery coconut jaggery, palm or cane jaggery
  • 1 cup drinking water

other additions

  • 1/4 tsp green cardomom powder
  • 3/4 cup grated coconut or 1/2 cup dessicated coconut
  • 1 tsp ghee / clarified butter ( use coconut oil for the vegan version)


  • Check the red bean for stones or sticks ( common impurities) and pick them out.
  • Wash and clean the red bean.
  • Add the washed red bean and the water into the pressure cooker and cook for approximately two whistles or 20 minutes.
  • Once the pressure is released, open the cooker and check the bean for doneness. It will mush easily when pressed. If so it is cooked well.
  • Remove excess cooking water if any and collect the beans.

For the sweet syrup

  • Once the cooker is set to cook the bean, take a cup of water in a sauce pan and bring it to heat.
  • Crush the coconut jaggery into bits and add to the hot water in the sauce pan
  • Set on a slow simmer till the jagggery melts. stir occasionally.
  • Once it is melted, remove from heat and set aside.

To make the sundal

  • In a heavy wok or pan, strain the melted jaggery syrup and set to heat up again
  • Add in the cooked bean to the warm jaggery syrup. slightly mash the beans as you mix them in.
  • As it begins to bubble stir it well and add the coconut grated, the cardamom powder and keep mixing.
  • As the mixture comes together and the water in the sweet syrup will reduce and the mixture begins to thicken. Now add the ghee (or coconut oil) and continue mixing and cooking.
  • The dessert is ready. The consistency of the dessert will become a thick one like a potato mash or a scoopable halwa.
  • Remove from heat and portion out to serve.
    vellam payar sundal, red bean dessert


In the instant pot:
Cook the beans on high pressure for 17 minutes and allow natural pressure release. Drain excess water in the red bean and add jaggery syrup, coconut and cardamom. Set this back on saute mode and let the flavours infuse. As it becomes thick add ghee/coconut oil and the dessert is ready.
Keyword Indian desserts, Temple prasadam
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