Cranberry apple jam

Finally.. It is here cranberry apple jam Every time I begin to write about the cranberry apple  jam I feel a real writers block (not much of the writer… But the block is true!!). The recipe is real special and I do rarely share this precious beauty as it comes from the yummiest batch of freeze dried cranberries from my cousin. Thankyou Nara   Also,  I love it so don’t think it lasts any long in the fridge hence the shelf life I never got to calculate coz we are always having a dig at it. Discussed in the cranberry tea post is so if the benefits of cranberry. This batch of jam is going to make it even better. How to use this jam ? The jam on a simple toast or scones Sandwich  jam cookie Yummiest smoothies Topping for frozen yogurt or cream cottage cheese. A tbsp into soda water for a refreshing Sherbet style drink with a wedge of lime Overnight oat or chia topping Or for jam swirl muffins   Unlike the store bought jams this one has no pectin added.  The pectin naturally found in the apples  and cranberry is enough to give a smooth texture. Pectin … Continue reading Cranberry apple jam