Agro tours and eco walks – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Eco Walk/ Agro Tours

Dotted all along the Cameron Highlands ( Malaysia ) are hundreds  of vegetable and strawberry gardens not to mention the cacti farms and the butterfly parks. Collectively this is marketed as a agro tours. Our experience suggests…cut the snail train traffic and walk…they are practically along one single road.

You don’t need to get stuck for nearly 20 to 50 minutes ( if you are lucky) in stand still traffic, rather enjoy many many farms along. So park at a convenient place and walk along.

The vegetable garden was awesome, with bok choy, cabbages, eggplant, beans,cucumbers, and beets growing along. It is a good educational feel the produce as it grows.

The strawberry picking experience is quite commercial, but pleasant to do with children. Pick one which stands for no pesticides and perhaps organic. There are many to choose from.  The strawberries are not extremely sweet but fresh and yummy. The pics at the end can perhaps give you an idea.

The cacti farms are so many, most of them are to sell tiny plotted ones. In fact they are a good ground to show the kids the different adaptations check pour the thorns,the  hairy ones and the weird formations they take.

Butterfly and insect parks are small enclosures with captured beauties of many variety. In fact I was glad we did visit one because it was a one place tsp to show my kids they are beautiful creatures with a short life span. These delicate ones did touch a chord. There were amazing plethora insects from giant stick insects,camouflaged brilliantly to chubby spiders  and strange beetles. Interesting to observe the insects up close.

Personally I am not sure if we need these mountains to be striped off their natural vegetation to create green houses in the entire valley,, but that’s what is of Cameron now. So if you do end up here..relax enjoy and walk.

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