Do you feel bored at home with this new school from home?

Do you feel like even though you have colouring books,  never-ending snacking dishes to put back or you have nothing more to do?

That’s something I feel too. Well, never fear for Cool Brain is here! All these keep busy activities are going to be written by me, Ankita and I’m going to be your captain, blasting off into this experimental adventure with you! Cool Brain is a series of fun and exciting experiments devoted to kids like me and maybe you. My assistant ( mum) and I are starting Cool Brain for all the kids at home who can be older than Yoda or younger than Boss Baby, who are bored and want something fun and cool to do.

Why Cool Brain?

During these hard times where people are suggested to stay indoors, these fun science experiments introduce a cool break to keep that mind buzzing. are you game with us? you may need to gather up some small supplies around the house and sometimes ask an adult to help, but I promise it is all cool

Cool Brain encourages researching skills, evaluating skills, and pure absolute fun of getting your hands dirty! You can do it with your mum and dad or even by yourself! Each experiment introduces you to something new and quirky.

Are you ready?