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Malabar cuisine Thari Kanji
Fluffy mixed vegetable upma
Hot cross bun ideas
What to do with leftover hot cross buns?
green gram pessarattu
Andhra Pesarattu- green gram crepes
Nagaland vegetables
Rosep Aon- Naga style Mixed vegetable side.
Mango recipes spritzer
Mango spritzer
quinoa salad pegan
Quinoa pegan salad bowl
japan cold tofu
Hiyayakko -Japanese cold tofu salad
salad fruit
Amrood aur anar fruit chaat (guava and pomegranate salad)
curry stuffed buns
Stuffed curry buns
cooked millet
How to cook fluffy millet?
vermicelli pudding
Semiya payasam - Vermicelli Kheer
febel and flax mouth freshener
Mukhwas with fennel and flax seeds
legume affair
#125 MLLA Event Roundup
Megahlaya cookie for teatime
Pu klein - rice flour cookie from Meghalaya
turmeric rice, nasi tumepeng Indonesian
Nasi tumpeng, Indonesian turmeric rice. 
dal tadka as made in restaurant
Restaurant style dal tadka - yellow daal
raw mango relish
Manga chammandi - raw mango chutney.
chickpea milkshake
Salted caramel chickpea blizzard milkshake
chickpea salad
Hummus Balila -Rustic chickpea salad
My legume love affair event
#125 My legume Love Affair- Event Announcement.
Mixed fruit shrikhand with cardamom
pressure cooker sambhar
Pressure cooker sambhar
pumpkin chia
Pumpkin chia popsicles and new year resolutions.
leftover pongal
Leftover pongal vadai- gluten free fritters
eggplant roasted
Chettinad kathrikkai podi varuval- eggplant fry
papaya jam
Mango papaya jam- microwave method
tofu brownie
 World's best Tofu brownies- Vegan Brownies
 5 minute Pavlova parfait, with yogurt cream and dryfruits
puff pastry
Savory puff tart with feta and tomatoes
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