Reading cookbooks especially the ones which had a bit of personal life to it was a fun relaxing activity to me. I was a no-good cook then. To my mother’s exasperation, I only read it, neither cook nor eat…till it reached a point where cooking began to become a relaxation activity. This is where I slowly build my food skills.

Then as I got my brood together (who thankfully are equally smitten by travel) we begin our journey of expanding, experimenting and documenting our trials and tests. Testing new grounds we embarked on blogging two years ago and have been weeding our way through. This current project is the voyage of the Writer, the Food enthusiast, the Travel planner, the Cook, the Photographer, the Restaurant hunter,  and more…

I believe in simple fuss-free, flavorful food from my veggie kitchen, very often influenced by local trends of the places visit. My food goal will be to impart adaptability and sustainable values to follow through with ease. So, join me as I embark on this new chapter of my life… it will get exciting for sure.

Introducing the team

We have a couple of us working on the background of this blog. The recipe developer and the main photographer is, of course, me. Most of the travel posts are written by me with our family collection of photographs, predominantly they come from my older kid. His talent helped us establish a vlog too on youtube. A few of the posts on travel are by my husband too and we have him financing most of these trips.  We have a co-author running the page, Cool brain, my younger progeny, who is working on her school from home opportunity. The techhead behind all these scenes to whom I am indebted to for this blog idea to grow is my dearest cousin. So here is our team. Hope you enjoy this blog as much as we do. 


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