Temple of Fine Arts , A cultural setting, Penang

The Temple of Fine  Arts on Babington Avenue, Penang is a fantastic venture by the Indian community to impart the richness of Indian art forms to the the Malaysian community. This venture is prevalent in a few countries including Singapore and Australia.

 Here in Penang, Indian classical dance forms and music along with musical instruments are taught to interested pupils. Monthly recitals and performances capturing the essence of the students learning are also conducted.

Associated with it is Annalakshmi, an food enclave with a selfless thought of feed and pay as you please.  With its abominable spread of Indian style vegetarian delicacies it sees a lot of people for lunch per day. .With enthutastic smiling volunteers to welcome you at the lunch buffet you really enjoy being there. Annalakshmi has the policy of no wasting food which personally is a great policy to bring kids up with. Also you pay what your heart feels for the food…..I promise you will not be disappointed at all..

 The greenery that surrounds the buffet area gives you a feel of a garden cafe… open, airy and overall welcoming.

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