10 minute no cook Apple nachos

apple nachos
Ready in 10 minutes, this no-cook apple nachos is a delightful and healthy afternoon snack. Enjoy this fun treat with plenty of possibilities for variations to share each time.
Every fourth week of working I get an additional day off. my head buzzes a million ideas and things I have to get done though I am thoroughly exhausted on this day. If I have all of my family at home afternoon tea is something we all look forward to having together. It is not anything elaborate but rather something simple like a basic chaat or nachos that gets us sitting and talking about the week that lasted or the upcoming. I do enjoy this part a lot and try to see what new things I can manage in under 10 minutes that we may enjoy. One such is this 10-minute apple nachos.

What is apple nachos?

Apple nachos is a simple preparation of thinly sliced apples topped with nut butter, sweet sauces or chocolate. It forks an ideal quick snack or a platter you can put together for a party.

Ingredients for apple nachos

Apples: fresh crunch apples thinly sliced are the base of this recipe. You can use any variety, but I love using green apples as they are slightly tart and sit well with the nut butter. If you like it sweeter, try a combination of sweet red apples with the green. The key part is to keep the apple chilled.
Nut butter: peanut or almond butter tastes great with this recipe as they provide a creamy flavour. Use the unsweetened variety only as you don’t want to add unnecessary sugar into it.
Granola: I love a bit of crunchy granola over the apples. It gives a satisfying bit to chew and the roasted oats taste great with the apples. I have used crushed honey granola in this recipe.
Nuts: choose what you have. I have added roasted almonds here as the granola already has pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds.
Chocolate: now this is the best part. Grate some dark chocolate on top of the apple nachos. The cold apples keep the chocolate intact and it melts as you munch on them. If you are not a dark chocolate fan you can add milk or white chocolate. Chocolate chips are fine too, but I like to bite into them as that makes them too intense. If using chocolate chips use the tinier ones than the regular sizes.

Let’s make these fresh apple nachos

Prep the apples: wash and pat dry the apples. The core then slices them thinly. Arrange them on a plate in such a way they all get a bit of the toppings.
Add the toppings: onto the layer of apples, drizzle the smooth peanut bitter. Top with granola, nuts and seeds.
Serve it up: just before serving grate chocolate over the top. The platter is now ready to be served.
green apple nachos

What variations are possible for this recipe?

The recipe is apples with toppings. You can change what you add to your family’s liking.
  • Caramel sauce: caramel sauce tastes delicious with apples, especially salted caramel sauce. You can drizzle this along with nut butter to add sweetness.
  • Coconut: I have added thinly sliced dried coconut or sprinkled desiccated coconut on top either with or without granola. This adds a nuttier flavour.
  • Yogurt: as a healthy snack you can drizzle Greek yoghurt or serve this with some yogurt on the side.
  • Soft tofu dip: the caramel-flavoured soft tofu dip on the side is another perfect combo with the apple nachos platter. The smoothness of that dip is delicious with the nachos.

Apple Nachos with chocolate.

Ready in 10 minutes, this no-cook apple nachos is a delightful and healthy afternoon snack. Enjoy this fun treat with plenty of possibilities for variations to share each time.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snacks
Cuisine Autumn, Fusion, gluten free, International, One pot
Servings 2 people


  • mandolin slicer


  • 2 medium apple gala
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp granola
  • 8-10 almonds
  • 1-2 squares dark chocolate


  • Wash and core the apples.
  • Thinly slice them using a mandolin slicer
  • Arrange them on a plate and drizzle peanut butter over them.
  • Sprinkle the granola over it.
  • Add the crushed almonds.
  • Grate the chocolate over them and the apple nachos is ready.
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How long do apple nachos stay good?

Apple nachos are best enjoyed as soon as you put them together. Keeping it for long makes the apples go brown and unappetising. Also the crunch granola and nuts become a bit soggy.

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Apple nachos on many levels remind you of so many snacks all put together. For one they taste like the classic Apple and peanut butter, but for another, they taste like caramel apple. Whatever the case may be, it is a crunchy delightful treat that you should not miss to make ever. When you do try our recipe do let us know what toppings you added and how you liked it. Tag us when you make this recipe on Instagram, Threads or Facebook.

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green apple nachos snack

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Spice Zone (Sarika)
1 year ago

This is so good…. love the healthy version of nachos.. will have to give it try, I think I have everything at home too.

Jayashree T.Rao
1 year ago
Rating :

Such a healthy and tasty snack to binge Seema. I must make this, it makes a good summer snack for us.

22 days ago
Rating :

I’ve never heard of apple nachos – but when I tried this recipe, it was so tasty!

22 days ago
Rating :

This is such a fun, easy recipe! I love making it with my son. (We added sprinkles because everything’s better with sprinkles, right?)

22 days ago
Rating :

This was such a fun idea! Thank you!

22 days ago

What a great snack. Easy to make and the whole family will enjoy it.

Mayuri Patel
9 days ago
Rating :

Today this apple nachos was my light dinner! Loved it so much. I usually have apple with peanut butter. The addition of granola and chocolate was a complete meal for me. Thanks for sharing this easy healthy recipe.

Priya Srinivasan
8 days ago
Rating :

oh wow these apple nachos look tempting seema!! Can’t believe it can be done in no time!!! I have all the ingredients mentioned, such a hearty snack to calm those sudden cravings!! I m definitely making this!

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