Experiencing palm candy making in Cambodia

A sweet treat is a great addition to any trip ….to mine it came in the form of palm candy.
As we were enjoying our tuk tuk ride towards the popular, Bantey serai, Siem reap, Cambodia..happened to notice the huge works on wood burning stove….boiling away..the curious cat in me smelt sweet….we requested for pit stop and really enjoyed observing the process…
The liquid extracted from the palm tree is meticulous boiled with intermittent stirring till it completely breaks down to a sticky mass….heavenly sweet…yummm…
It’s then loaded into small roundets made of screw pine leaves…and allowed to cool..the resultant candy. .yummmmm
The lady informed us to stop by on our way back so we could pick our freshly  candy…. as it takes an amazing three  to four hours to prepare.
As we came back  we process of loading the sticky candy into the tiny rings..
It was an amazing experience…chatting with the ladies.  In sign language and bare minimum English…and playing with the children around, enjoy a new culinary process….

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or a visit to Kebl Spean

Here are some pics for you to enjoy too

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