Ten things you cannot miss to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Travel Hanoi
Hanoi is a popular  stop over destination for many travelers hopping around the South East Asian countries.  With visa on arrival facility( apply online for a VOA letter) and transit visa facility it is an easy break to hours of journey. It s a city with historical significance over a thousand years. The city has seen multiple invasions , survived the war and still is bustling with energy.
Here is our list for a must do if you have just one day in Hanoi.
Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem lake , Hanoi

Hanoi in a day
Rather than catching a tour bus and getting lugged  around with a bunch of people ….we would recommend  you to try a bit of town by yourself
1) Head to the old quarter and walk around  the quaint small roads.
2) With the help of  a map and trace your way to the lake Hoen Kiem
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3) Locate the Turtle tower in the lake and enjoy the cool breeze  around the lake
Turtle tower, Hanoi

Turtle Tower, Hanoi

4) Catch yourself posing for a picture on the red bridge of the Ngoc Son temple.
Ngoc Son temple Bridge

Ngoc Son temple Bridge

5) Secure a ticket for a show at the Water puppet theater  ..based on your time available and watch the show (some slots get booked early hence advisable to  get the ticket ahead of time and show up)
Water puppet theatre, Hanoi

Water puppet theatre, Hanoi

6) Pick a Vietnamese style cafe walking around the blocks and gently dip the Vietnamese style coffee as the city goes by busily on its two wheelers.

coffee time

7)  Now adventure time..  Cross a street holding your hand up high, be watchful.. Feel the adrenaline rush  (attempt at small roads only please.. Don’t try out the junctions)

traffic , Hanoi

8) Navigate your way to  the near by St.  Joseph’s Cathedral  to enjoy the calm amidst the busy moving population and school children in the town.
Cathedral, Hanoi

St Joseph’s Cathedral

9) Pick up some lunch time rolls with rice paper, “bhani mi” or a Pho ” (submarine sandwich or a noodle soup, Vietnamese style) .
Street food Vietnam

Street food Vietnam

10)Ride around with a tricycle for their old world charm.
Tricycle ride

Tricycle ride, Hanoi

This is a stimulating agenda for a day in Hanoi which has been tried and tested. Hope you enjoy your day in Hanoi too.
Meanwhile if you wish to hop over to, Siem Reap dont miss to check out a tried and tested schedule.
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Poonam Bachhav
7 years ago

Lovely post Seema. Highlight being your beautiful Vietnamese look ..

7 years ago

Hey Joseph,
Thanks for this post. Hanoi is a great city to get lost in and around especially in the Old Quarter. THat’s enough to create a list of 100 things to do. Squat with a local on a tabacco pipe, eat a bowl of pho, stroll the lakeside, etc. The water puppet theatre is great but quite touristy. Of course you had the coffee on there, classic! Love Hanoi and looking forward to going back after this post.

Chee Yang
7 years ago

Great write up. I was there late last year. I did most of it except the puppet show. Kinda regret skipping it.

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