Koalas and farm resort stay – Coraki, NSW

Coraki, NSW, farm resort stay

With ample travel experience, enough places of stay, tons of marketing gimmicks that we have gone through, it was good to have Koalas by Byron bay as a refreshing experience. Listed on the Airbnb outlet, koalas and farm-style resort stay, hosted by Sam was a perfect break from the city hustle. It was everything that was listed on the site, honest to every word and added with love and happiness. True to heart, this place etched memories in our hearts forever.

When I first hear of Coraki, I was unsure. To be honest, I asked my husband, should we? he seemed confident that we are one of a kind that will step out of our comfort zone to explore roads less travelled. As we approached Coraki, we were sure we did the right thing. The drives through the winding national park roads and a welcome peek from a kangaroo on the roadside was everything that told us, we have come to the right place.

The space

A well-furnished two-bed space is what reflected in the photographs. The stay was actually much larger than we imagined. Spacious living area, comfortable bedrooms with high ceilings ( yes I love high ceiling spaces, makes me feel like I am the queen). I am a slicker for clean bathrooms and here is was without even a speck of dust, wow!!

Being on the road already for a few days, we were craving a good simple cooked meal. The fully equipped modern kitchen definitely catered to all the necessary elements that stand out in any trip. A handful of farm-fresh mulberries made our dessert perfect.

When we were promised the farm stay, how about being woken up by mooing cows and chirping birds. They delivered this promise with ease as you can see.

Spotting the koalas

Tucked into the countryside of Coraki, known for active conservation of the habitat for the cute drop bears, we knew we may see one or two. But seeing them so close to the farm resort stay, that too a mum and baby were truly special. Camaflouged perfectly amongst the grey eucalyptus leaves these koalas, snoozes, ate and stayed for a long time enough for us to admire, go awww!! and love them more. Our hosts were so sweet to point out the first ones that helped us to identify and look for more with ease.

Water sports at the river

Learning the river

The still waters of Wilson’s river create the most tranquil experience of sunrise and sunset.  You can watch for hours, as the colours of the sky transfer the reflection into these shimmering waters.

Taking amateurs on a river experience is a skill. Clearly, Sam managed this so efficiently. The care he took to educate the kids on how to wakeboard, going through the patience of a parent was admirable. Watchful at every little turn, guiding throughout on the grip the angle of the board and still a steady hold on the boat, showed he is a natural in those waters.

Wilson river , East Coraki

Refresh from the steam bath

Alright, my husband is a self-confessed waterbug. Steam baths are his luxury heights, this helps him to relax. He loved the steam enclave and the experience at Koalas by the Bay.


The best part of any countryside adventure is the people. With Sam and Ely, we felt we met our very long-standing friends. Ely’s banana bread was a superhit, so soft fragrant and their hospitality is to be applauded. We sure would love to go back to Coraki to be with them. Do visit them as you travel in NSW. Here is the link to their place.

Sam’s Farm Resort stay at East Coraki

Pay special attention to Sam’s guide book, it is one of the best guides to the place and nearby activities. Keep that as your pitstop to the pristine Byron Bay. Then you have the best of both worlds as we did. Travel safe, pick up the roads less travelled.

This review is to share our experience with the place. It is not a sponsored post and has expressed our individual views about the place. 
Enjoy the sun and see you soon.

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