Pongal kootu

Most of the recipes associated with pongal to me are versions.learnt from.my mother-in-law. Growing up in northern Kerala pongal was a modest festival among the Tamil speaking population which basically restricted to the sweet pongal.
Following my marriage I discovered the intricate details of the festival.
Pongal kootu is  a dish which I learnt from the secret stacks of my mother-in-law’s amazing festival collection. It is a mixed country vegetable dish soooo yummy that you will love to sit down and enjoy.

You need

Cubed yellow and white pumpkin,locally available beans,sweets potatoes, and yams.
My version is made of yellow pumpkin,winter melon, carrots, sweet potato,capsicum, broad beans and soaked field beans.

For the gravy
Tamarind pulp form one lemonsized ball of tamarind.
One cup of Cooked pigeon pea

For the masala
One tbsp of Coriander seeds and cumin seeds each
Half tsp mustard seeds
Few peppercorns
Red chillies( we like it very mild)
Half cup Coconut grated

For seasoning
One tsp oil
One tsp of Mustard seeds
Curry leaves a few.

Boil all veggies with enough salt. When half done add tamarind pulp followed by cooked Dal.
In a separate pan dry roast the masala ingredients and grind them with water to a smooth paste.
Add this also to the cooked mixture. Allow it to boil for approximately ten minutes
Add oil to a small pan, splutter mustard seeds and fry the curry leaves.  Pour this on top of the gravy . Cover and take off from flame.
Allow it to infuse the aroma for a few minutes and serve hot.
Happy pongal.

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Narayanan D
9 years ago

I tried this out today and it tasted amazing.

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