Pu klein – rice flour cookie from Meghalaya

Megahlaya cookie for teatime
The Shh Cooking Secretly Challenge group of bloggers are currently rounding up the northeastern states of India. Though I had to miss a few due to travels, this time I was happy to be able to be able to contribute. The ingredients Anu Kollon picked for me were rice flour and jaggery which rightfully pointed fingers to Pu Klein

A bit about Meghalaya

Meghalaya,” the abode of clouds” is a northeastern state of India.  Known as the ‘Scotland of the east’, it is a state with pristine forests and successful tribes. Blessed with abundant rainfall and sunshine, Meghalaya boasts of some of the best sub-Himalayan biodiversity hotspots.  With the tribes of Jantia, Garo, Khasi and many more the customs and traditions of the region are exciting to read about. With crystal clear water bodies, plateaus and view of the Himalayan range, Meghalaya is a state you want to add to your bucket list.
Here is a very helpful website for all the details of Meghalaya-Click here for Meghalaya
dessert bread fro north eastern India

Back to the recipe

 The basic ingredients and the recipe were pretty straightforward. However, it was a bit of a struggle to find the right consistency before frying. Going through multiple attempts with the cookie dough to perfect the recipe was learning. The main problem was, upon hitting the hot oil fizzled into a million bits. So here is my well-tweaked recipe with trial and failure points highlighted. Ideally, roast the red rice flour till it is really aromatic before you begin.
Meghalaya bread
The recipe was perfect for the snack box..being gluten-free and vegan, it was a sweet treat in the middle of the day.
Here is another savoury, gluten-free, rice flour bread from Chattisghar
Enjoy the recipe and tag me when you try it out.
The partner Blogger for this event is Anu Kollon From Ende thattukada. I was attracted to the huge collection of Kerala style recipes in her blog so do check it out.
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Pu klein Yum
rice flour cookie from Meghalaya
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
for jaggery syrup
for the dough
for frying
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
for jaggery syrup
for the dough
for frying
Votes: 1
Rating: 5
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For jaggery syrup
  1. Soak the jaggery chunks in water just about to cover half way of the chunks. this takes about 20 minutes
  2. Once the jaggery melts, boil the liquid and strain it out for impurities.
for the flour
  1. Dry roast the red rice flour in a pan till it turns aromatic. be careful at this step as it is a very dry four and will burn quickly, so stir constantly.
for the dough
  1. Cool the rice flour and the jaggery syrup to room temp
  2. Now add the jaggery syrup to the flour a little at a time and mix till if forms a crumbly mix
  3. Gently mix the dough with a tsp addition of the syrup at a time.
  4. Do not knead the dough.
  5. When it comes together well set aside
for frying
  1. Heat oil in a wok and as the oil reaches a moderate deep frying temp prepare the cookie
  2. Take a tbsp of dough on to your greased palm and pat gently till it forms a flat one
  3. Gently slip this dough into the hot oil.
  4. Deep fry on one side, flip over and fry the other side too till golden
  5. Drain on adsorbent paper
  6. Cool the cookies and store in an airtight jar, Serve at tea time.
Recipe Notes

In case the dough fizzles and breaks apart when it hits oil, it is probably too high in jaggery syrup. Add some more flour and mix well and try again

Keep the oil temp moderate for frying, high heat will leave burnt and undercooked cookies.

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The Girl Next Door

The Pu Klein look so good! I love your well-tested recipe, and your suggestion of using red rice instead of white.
I’ll surely be trying this out soon. I have a feeling we will like this!

Mayuri Patel

The puklein look so perfect and tempting after all the trial and error. I think I read that glutinous rice is used in Meghalaya so that may be the difference. However not sure till I try out the recipe.


A nice recipe with two ingredients but as you mentioned at times tricky. Thanks for giving All the tips, so it becomes easy for trying. This mini bites look so flavourful and yum.


Cookies look yummy 😋.. Its same like anaras we make


Ahaaaa thank you for all the suggestions here dear Seema smile The fried cookies looks super good.


AS I also made the same recipe, I can understand the challenge to make this perfect even though it is an easy dish. The pukhlein looks delicious

Vidya Narayan

Sinfully delicious and addictive. Best eaten with a cup of coffee. Love rice flour based desserts any day. It has that crispy crunchy texture thats hard to beat.


Gluten free and yummy…such a nice desert / sweet to make when family comes over…


These cookies look so crunchy and delicious. I think the main trick is getting the batter perfect. I am definitely going to try as my kids will enjoy this.


Even I made these and they are absolutely delicious. I agree with that it is very difficult to fry them with without breaking.


So like the athirasam of the south. I am surprised that so many vegetarian dishes of the northeast have equivalents in the South.


Pukhlein is something new to me and looks so simple with only two ingredients, but I know it is not so. Nice share Seema

Poonam Bachhav

This cookie sounds very similar to the rice and jaggery pastry ( Anarsa)we make. It is also super delicious but a bit tricky to get it perfectly the very first time. Lovely share !

Sujata Shukla

A really enjoyable sweet crispy treat, just the kind I like. I can see from the images how difficult it must have been to arrive at the right consistency. I like how you have used flour from roasted red rice for the snack. And how we can make tasty food with just a few ingredients!