Mosambi juice | sweet lime juice

mosambi juice | sweet lime juice
Keep cool this summer with a glass of citrusy, sweet lime juice. Serve chilled in tall glasses this delightfully simple mosambi juice that is freshly squeezed.
When you travel from one end to the other in Bengaluru you will quickly figure out whatfruits and vegetables are in season. The first ride to my mother in law’s place as soon as we reached India, clearly suggested I get my hand on some mosambi. It has been a few years since I have seen some, so without hesitation grabbed a few t the first vendor we saw. The slightly yellow green fruit with a sweet citrusy arils resemble and orange in size and looks but taste halfway between a lemon and mandarin. 

What is mosambi?

Mosambi or sweet lime is Citrus limetta. The fruit resembles an orange in size with a yellow or green rind. The segments have a pale yellow to pale orange in colour. The native of the Mediterranean soils, it is a popular summer fruit in India. Popularized by the Portuguese colonisers throughout South Asian regions, the flavour is milder than most citrus fruits. The segments are eaten as such, but can also be used to make salad,  juice, rasam , even cakes. The rinds are pickled, but some may be very bitter based on the variety.

How to choose good sweet lime? 

Sweet limes are similar to oranges. Ensure that there are no cut or blemishes on the fruit.  The juicer ones will be denser. As for the sweetness, I can’t guarantee that as each batch of fruit differs in the intensity of citrus. The yellow ones are usually ripe but ensure they are not squishy upon press as those will be spoilt inside. 

Ingredients to make sweets lime juice.

Sweet lime: With mosambi being a key ingredient, choose the ripe ones that show more of the yellow colour.  You will need about 2 to 3 per person. I don’t prefer adding water to the juice, but you could make it just the way you make a limeade and add water if you prefer. 
Sweetener: I have avoided adding any sweetener.  However, some mosambi can be so sour that you may need to add  some to adjust and bring out the sweetness.
Salt: I love balancing the flavours with a pinch of salt in each glass. This is totally optional, but surely worth a try especially when the  sweet lime is very sweet. 

Let’s make mosambi juice

There is nothing much in a mosambi juice yo do however you can make it manually or blend the arils to make the juice. 
  • Using the blender: wash and peel the sweet lime. Slice out the segments. Remove as much peel, seeds and white pith. Now place the arils and blend till smooth. Strain and pour into glasses.
  • Using manual juicer: wash and cut the mosambi in half. If using a manual squeezer, place the citrus halves  on the juicer top. Squishy the pulp gently while turning the halves to extract the juice. The strainer on the manual squeezer will seperate the arils and seeds. Pour out the juice into  pitcheer, chill and serve.

Variation to this recipe. 

Slight flavour profile changes are made to suit each person. Commonly you will see a pinch of roasted jeera powder or black salt stirred into this juice. To the blended version you can add some fresh ginger that gives a zing to the flavour. You can add fresh mint leaves  and make mint mosambi juice too. 

How to make mosambi juice without bitterness? 

At times the mosambi juice becomes bitter. This happens especially when the juice is made in the blender. When you place the mosambi bits in the blender ensure that the majority of it has no white pith. Also once blended it is best to serve the juice within a short period of time as the juice doesn’t keep well. 

How long does the juice stay? 

The juice stays good for a few hours under refrigeration. However it tastes far better if had immediately. You can chill the mosambis or add ice to the juice to cool it. 


Mosambi juice

Keep cool this summer with a glass of citrusy, sweet lime juice. Serve chilled in tall glasses this delightfully simple mosambi juice that is freshly squeezed.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian, Kids choice, Vegetarian
Servings 2 cups


  • blender


  • 6 medium sweet lime (mosambi)


  • Wash and slice the mosambi in half
  • If using a blender, peel and remove the seeds, rind and thick pith.
  • Add the arils to the blender with some water.
  • Blend to a smooth paste.
  • Strain out the juice.
  • Stir sweetner if desired.
  • Pour in glasses and serve.
Keyword Indian drink recipes, juicing, summer recipes
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This Bengaluru visit was rewarded with mosambi juice amongst other things. After about 4 years of having never seen the mousambi, you can imagine that I would have lived on this for a few days. It was certainly nice against the heat ( supposed to be raining, but never did). Hope you enjoy trying out the mosambi juice and the variations. If you are enjoying our posts, don’t miss to subscribe or stay in touch with us through Instagram or Facebook.
See you in the next post.
sweet lime juice
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13 hours ago
Rating :

This is the ultimate refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day! And the recipe is super easy to follow!

11 hours ago

The sweet and tangy flavor was incredibly refreshing, making it a perfect drink for a hot day. Plus, it’s super easy to prepare and packed with vitamin C, so it’s both tasty and healthy!

7 hours ago
Rating :

Super healthy juice. My all-time favorite one.

4 hours ago
Rating :

Wow, I consider myself a citrus fruit freak and I’ve never heard of this one, I’m going to do my best to track it down!

4 hours ago

I bet that is so refreshing and delicious! Yum!

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