10 minute sandwich for work lunch.

work lunch sandwich vegetarian
Adult lunch boxes are as important as much as we plan for our kids. In fact, I feel, adults need to think better about what they eat at work more. Many of us also spend long hours at work so these work lunches are better if you plan ahead. Then there are days when all the plan falls apart and you just have to rush. Save these three sandwiches for those time-crunched days. 10 minutes to put together 4 lunch boxes is not a bad deal, right. Put in whole fruit, some nuts in a small box and there you are out of the door and won’t be hungry that day. Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your family too. 

Curried avocado and spinach sandwich

Avocado sandwich
The mushy smoothness of avocado is all that you need on a crazy fast-paced lunch to sink your teeth in and say life is good. This is the perfect calorie-dense lunch sandwich with ample fresh elements to pick you up better. I love the slight hint of curry flavours on that Turkish bread. No-cook and if you like, make it ahead with loads of fresh baby spinach makes it just the perfect balance to keep you going. A couple of apricots or a few nuts in a smaller box make the sandwich perfect for the lunchbox.

Homemade peanut butter and plum jam sandwich

peanut butter jam sandwich

There is no age limit for a peanut butter jelly sandwich. It is also one that makes you smile knowing there is familiarity in the flavours. This is a lunch sandwich you can make with your eyes closed. But, skip all the additives, and upgrade it. Here is a homemade peanut butter sandwich with zero sugar added plum preserve. Yes, not jelly helping to limit the added sugar when compared to the regular one. We love wholemeal bread for this one. A small salad goes well with this. The kids will love this too and the meal prep on the weekend pays off really well here.
Prep these ahead as they stay for a long while in your refrigerator

Chutney and Cheese Sandwich

chutney and cheese sandwich
This is a quick and easy recipe most of us, Inidna mums handle very well. The creamy bite of the cheese with the herb-filled, spicy green chutney makes this a loved lunch box favourite. Slices of cheddar with the green chutney are our house favourite. Give it a try and let us know if you like this combination too.

Paneer chaat sandwich

paneer sandwich

Paneer sandwich

The ease of putting together this no-cook sandwich is the one that qualifies it to this list. The satisfaction of crumbling paneer on a Monday morning, I am sure you will like it too. Crumble, mix and fill, that is what this lunch sandwich takes. Try this on sourdough or wholewheat slices and pair it with a small box of fruits to keep your day going well. 

These are my absolute saviour recipes. I love them every single time. The key to keeping that variety going with the versatile s sandwiches is to get some great variety of bread. Then work on easy filling that makes you feel happy. 
Hope we have sorted out 3 days of lunch sandwich for you with ease. Tag us when you enjoy them. Subscribe to this blog so we can keep in touch.
Have a happy back to work time.
work lunch sandwich vegetarian

Sandwich in 10 minutes for the work lunchbox

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Shweta Pandey
3 years ago

I would love to try peanut butter and jam sandwich. It sounds good. I wonder if blackcurrant jam would taste good with peanut butter? I do not have plum jam in my pantry.

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